Saturday, September 06, 2008

It has been Normal ; but…..

Some day I was awakened by a large explosion …in normal case I would be still awake and wouldn't sleep, but here it has been a routine … I just continued my sleep as nothing had happened …why our souls -in fact -the humans souls have been very cheap ???when I continued my sleep I thought of myself that I don't have any human sense ..but I forgot how much myself is care about humanity and that everybody has right to live ,him like everyone on every place on Earth
Many people are dying nowadays and nobody cares about them…in fact they are dying because of wars..and even hunger .in this century it must there is no hunger..with this civilization and development it must there is no wars …the technology must provide us with enough food …at this time we must love each other and live peacefully … it must we don't look on our religion or thoughts we must consider ourselves humans and stop killing each other ..treat ourselves humans just for a single moment …
You may mention that I repeat the words (Earth, peace and humans )very much in this post and in other posts..coz these three are connected .the humans must live on earth in peace ..

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