Sunday, August 31, 2008

The life without not a life at all

During my own life I’ve met people or things have happened to me that aroused me deeply. some by positive way others not…by my normal character I love the love and goodness for everybody; but unfortunately it’s not the same(as I was thinking)from others. Maybe the wrong was from me ,maybe the wrong was from them. even I had arrived to a point that I lost the trust from nearly everybody..but life.. the very life decided to learn me that is wrong ,completely wrong..and said to me :I can’t be lived by this way!!!and time will show you that is wrong.
In fact It proved that to me very smartly .the ones whom I love were and will be always by my side forever- I believe- and this is completely different from I used to think.
Now I’m certain that the life without trusting people is not a life and the human who don’t trust people (who are in his place of trust) is not a human. how -the sky- can he live ????how can he speak???it is just the hell on the earth if we don’t cooperate with each other …in fact the history had shown us this very clearly; have you known a nation or a country or even a family in a simple small city could live without trusting each other??? Even the successful nations nowadays –let me call them by this- they wouldn’t arrive to this success without cooperating even the child with the older one...
The man without trusting himself first can’t trust others; that clearly had been shown to me by life.
All the messengers and the Prophets of God had told us to trust ,love cooperate with each other in order to make our message on the earth comes true to make our ancestors proud of us, to make our children just follow us in order to make this earth not to go astray and lose the way to the right life..
Every one of us can’t do anything important in his life without take the opinion of his family, friends and the ones whom he loves; he can’t even breathe without their love and support… so why just we love them and make them feel that we trust them so that we can live rightly in our short lives. so let’s live it correctly..
May god be by your side..

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  1. i agree with u girl..but not completely though..
    for myself i trusted ppl and they were so close to me and they betrayed me..
    especialy in my current job as terp..
    so i believe in not trustin anybody!!
    and if u trust some1 just becareful and watch ur back and show him u trust him blindly..
    take care girl..


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