Saturday, August 30, 2008

Have peace at the end

As I wrote in my own profile I wanna help people by everything I can do...but me only… I can't do anything... Without a help from people who have the same desire to save our precious planet...but in fact I've already had one from my dear friend (Sandybelle) she has the same desires of mine to begin a campaign of saving our planet and live in peace with each other no matter what is our thoughts or religion as we are humans and I hope more Iraqi bloggers should join us, in fact not only Iraqis but everyone from any place in the earth has the same intention.
As we know nowadays everyone has a problem to handle in his life and no one has time to handle problems of others, even he doesn't participate to handle them..I wonder what is the cause of this carelessness from people to help other people..Do they have a right in that? Is our new life in our new centuries makes us like this? This life which is full of wars and fights. Sometimes we don’t know why we fight each other maybe we had forgotten our message on our planet since the time of Adam .God had created us to built, revive and to fill our planet with love and peace. But with sorrow we had forgotten this message...We forgot it badly even we made a brand new one that is to have our needs even that on the others' that is our new message …
I wish to show this idea of mine:
The Human being as we know the most developed creature in the world, God has granted him everything he has. Started from his own body: his mind, his stability, his senses and finally the earth which he lived in and is living in it. From the beginning he began to invent and create things that facilitate his life in this god granted gift (earth). The first thing he invented after he had discovered the world surrounding him: weapons. the means that provides him protection from the dangerous creatures living with him and so on he invented Agriculture , simple industry and other things that were very important to the revolution of the development of the earth which is his message in it as I said .but with the increasing of the humans' numbers and the limited sources of food that was the cause of man’s looking for new lands to discover in order to have profits from their natural sources that he has in his own lands but his greed and cruelty - that he has already- made him invades the land of peaceful people and begins to use the weapons that he created by his own hand , via his own mind and which was their duty to save him from others(creatures not humans) to attack others(creatures and humans) and steals their peace and affability. So he killed people…millions of people in order to gain his own desires...he began to do things that are dangerous to our world we live in, started from the weapons he invented and the bombs made by his own hands :the nuclear ones and hydrogen ones ..Which destroy lands of people ,the future of them ,the other creatures which our duty to keep them safe and destroy himself too; his heart stoned, there is nothing above his desires, his profits even that was on his planet's future . He destroyed lands, forests, seas, oceans and maybe he’ll destroy the space too...sometimes I wish that there are another creatures in the universe who are more powerful, more intelligent, and more gentle and destroy the humans and begin a new life which rebuild the earth, save it and live in peace and love forever…but why do I wish so??? why don’t you & I begin to save the earth no matter what had happened to It but begin from the subzero step as they said...imagine how much people have been killed by the wars that the man had made?? Which was the main cause of it to provide his desires and to be the only source of food and other important things that people need in their ordinary life..This is at the end a natural Characteristic in him but instead of be gentle and kind as our God wants and as he created us to be; he Exploited them and even he lift them to hunger and Lacking. So just why don’t we help each other, everyone from his side to make the earth peaceful and beautiful again??(Maybe I’ve repeated the earth many times but that from my love to it)Why just we stop wars that their victims are children and women …why just we keep our earth clean and keep away the damaging materials from the seas and oceans which are the main cause of Extinction of large numbers of creatures in them???…why don’t we use other means of transportation instead of cars, use bicycles for instance and reduce the ratio of CO2 in the air that is the cause of the thermal imprisonment and that are very serious thing that we must get over?? …why don’t we help people in need and forget our own desires for a single moment and provide their needs???And by this maybe we’ll have peace at the end …
God bless us all.

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