Saturday, August 30, 2008

Global Warming

we are now in a period that it is very necessary to keep away anything that will damage our precious earth. We see that the caloric degree of the earth will heighten 4 degree in five years. And the scientists are two teams in this object :the first says that it's a natural thing because the earth passes in cold and hot periods ,and the hot gases are one of reasons of the Thermal Imprisoning . the reason of heightening the ratio of these gases is the weather pollution and the latter caused by natural causes such as volcanoes ,the forests' fires , the organic polluters and sure the human's polluters :petrol and the forests diminishing .and the other team says that the cause of the Thermal Imprisoning is the sun's winds and the important cause of increaseing these winds is CO2.
Of course the Thermal Imprisoning has results like the ice solution in the polar ,as a result, there will be floods in the coastal cities as it happened in Tsonami and catrina.
Imagine the earth just can't been lived!!! where will we go??? how should we live after that??? everybody must do anything to stop pollution ... to stop cutting the forests which are the main means of diminishing the ratio of CO2..and finally let’s clear our souls from anything that will arouse badly on this clear and beautiful earth killing each other..
So let's do anything to keep our precious planet as it was and as we'll keep it…

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