Monday, September 01, 2008


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  1. You will find a home when you met an honest friend or
    When you hearing nice Hi or
    When you serve others needs or minds
    When you earn the confidence that make you fly
    When you feel that your spirit has find peace after all
    And remember that all the time there are others feelings and thoughts
    You can share free for all.
    And I think that black don’t meet the spirit of the Violet, I was so surprise when I see when you born really without any flattering you’re a doctor and I think I doesn’t need to write more. I have many friends in Mosul but I don’t hear from them since 2003 and others from one year or more.
    From my Heart, Wishing you to create all your dreams to be coming true
    I hope that I can read what you write.
    God blessing you and your Family

  2. Hi Violet,

    My name is Incandescent Chimera. I'm from Iraq as well but I live overseas. Just wanted to say, nice blog, keep writing and best wishes with your studies :)

    Kind Regards,Peace :))


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