Friday, September 09, 2011

Pyramus & Thisbe

(1)     Once upon time, two families lived separately but in close proximity in ancient city of Babylonia ,  there was a wall  joining the two houses having a tiny hole in it that nobody noticed .  

(2)     one of the families had  a young man named Pyramus , the other had  a   girl named Thisbe. 

Ask me no more by  Sir Lawrance de alma 

(3)     Pyramus  adored  the young  virgin Thisbe.he was lost in her love  If he looked to the water ,he  would see  her face and  if he had a view to the moon,  a ray of her smile would  come to his sight. 

(4)     they decided to marry as a sequel of their great love, but the parents refused and prevented them from meeting, making the two lovers have to exchange whispers at night through the crack in the wall between their homes  conserving by signs and glances , exchanching  love words and letters in wards and backwards .

(5)     The two lovers became fed up with their families' deprivation to see each other, So they decided to meet near a  Ninus's tomb out of the city under the mulberry tree which bears white  fruit as snow. 

(6)     The girl arrived first and waited the oncoming  of her love. meanwhile, a lioness came out of the jungle nearby  and blood covered its   pliers after it had eaten  its prey

(7)     Thisbe ran away, leaving her veil - which she used as no boday wouldn't be able to notice her, the lioness torn it to  pieces.  And shaded the blood away. Pyramus attended and saw the veil soaked in blood.

(8)     he thought  the lioness had devoured  Thisbe,   his beloved,  so he sat with grief under the mull berries tree and  stabbed  his sword in his heart, shedding His blood on the granules of snow white  berries,   The blood pentrated the ground , reached the roots and transfered  the fruits   into  blood red colour .

Thisbe By Waterhouse 
(9)      after waiting for a while till the beast had  gone , Thisbeappeared and returned to the place of meeting hoping her beloved had come   , eager to tell her love about the danger she faced , instead she  found  her love  was pronouncing  her name before he died ,  she by then  knew what happened,deciding to follow him ,  stabbing the sword in her chest  and fell beside. Her blood mixed with his covering the snow white berries  .leaving the red  mulberries as a memento  of their eternal love.  

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