Monday, September 05, 2011

Ambivalence of the oppressive and the oppressed

I seldom heard of someone complaining from his own unjustness , cursing rumors made by that moving muscle in his mouth between his jaws ,  by an intention or not ! 
We always make someone our ideal cerate  that we like to hate and hang our  faults on his  shoulders. We always curse him and comfort his family and friends for his villainy.
I read a couple of  days ago , article written by the  Egyptian writer Dr. Ahmed Kh. Tawfiq , talking about a short story of  the French writer G.D Maupassant named : "that Pig , Morin ! "  , so  I trnslated it to english .. to make my point of view here beome clear. 
We usually  forget what we do , what are our mistakes , and even who we are ..  ignoring the saying " if your house made of glass , don't through gravel   "  

If you find a better translation , I  would be gratful if you  send it to "violet for peace"'s  e-mail or just comment here instead of chosing "boring" butom :) 

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