Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Talking out NOT loudly !

Every Step you make in this life , either gives you a push or gives you a slap,
Every person you trust , either gives you hope or steals everything you have !
Nothing we have is truly ours , we just fake it , pretend … we have friends … life or a knowledge and so on!
I hated the idea of blogging a while ago , there is no big deal happening in my life , no new places to visit … these exams have sucked my blood !.. and pharmacology , was a nightmare!
Tomorrow is the last exam .. ah!
Is there any one still reading here ?!


  1. I'm reading! :) Good luck for the exam

  2. wait, does that mean we have friends or are we faking them as well??

  3. Jnana,
    Happy to know you are always here,
    I ask your forgivness, I have forgotten this post :(


    Nothing we have is truly ours, not necessarily we fake it , but pretend we have it and have no power to stop its loss as well .
    BTW, you have a good blog , Go on :)


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