Friday, December 24, 2010

God , give me hope !


I'm here since 13th November !

Don't feel like to do anything,to write anything …

To say anything ,

I search in simple things for any .. any thing gives me any any hope !

I hate this time of year before mid-year exam , when I'm exhausted by every mean …


God , give me hope !


  1. Hey,
    You're the most beautiful and sexiest doctor-to-be in all of Iraq. )))

    You have no worries.

    And Brad Pitt, just emailed me, and wants to dump Angelina and have you move into his Italian mansion with him. As long as you promise not to adopt any children. )))

  2. Dear Dr. Viola,

    I'm sure you are capable of managing this and you'll pass all your exams.May ALLLAH guide you all the time.

    A special Salam,


  3. LOL, Mister Ghost :D
    I'm afraid you think i'm that lady on the front page of my blog , staring on the see , however i'm more beautiful than her :P

    I'm not within Brad pit's fans :D, moreover I'm crazy in if you please , try another one, thanks for your support Mr.ghost :)

    is that you ,sir?
    I'm very happy to have you here today !
    shnhl gheibah ?:)
    Special salam to you ,too. God bless and guide you .. thanks alot :)

  4. Hello All,

    Happy Merry Christmas and happy new year,i would like to introduce the new Iraqi news website...realtime news

    Best regards

  5. Happy New Year Dr. Viola and you have my sincere prayers to Allah so that you get happiness + success and a bit of money in 2011.


  6. If you need hope, what should I say?!
    Anyway.. Good luck.


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