Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Silly Dream!

Have you every dreamed  of being in Turkey and the people there are talking to you in French in order to make you understand what they say :D

All right , Eid is coming ..
I woke up unusually today at 11:30 AM , and directly headed to second floor and started to clean up , then I got downstairs and .. made some cooking and then started  cleaning the first floor !
I'm the big sister now, and this is a disgusting feeling :D
I used to ask mom when I was younger , why should we clean if nobody will visit us ,( we usually make visits and rarely  there is someone to visit us!)??
Then I realized the one has to be clean for himself and family , and not necessarily he does so to satisfy others!
I'm not going well with my friend (she is not Soso), and I'm afraid I'll lose her !, I don't know what to do !
She has the same horoscope , and nearly the same characteristics and I know well how is difficult to deal with me , so  I've known this better  by dealing with my mirror reflection !!
I don't know …
Maybe i had to keep just soso as a best friend !
I wish you a happy Eid all of you :)


I've just heard that a pastor in Florida decided to burn Qur'an at 11/9- Saturday!
Do you think by such acts , we will have  peace some day?!?!?!?!

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