Saturday, September 11, 2010

Peaceful Eid!

So many things provoked me today in spite of Eid:

1- a story I've heard: two married couples, after too many years of marriage ..
they decided to get divorced , the cause is the husband's intention to have children in spite being unable to ..earlier in their life ... the wife was patient and stayed with him all those years , and she   was not thinking of kids just for his sake , now he is good and can have children and has found someone to implement his plan with , so he decided to end relationship , marry and have kids!!
and more over , he refuses her to have a normal life as a single , imagine he wants to leave her and at the same time he wants her to obey his orders !! what selfish creature men are?!?!
2- the pastor who is intended to burn Quran tomorrow has not ever read Quran and he never knows what is there inside it!
3- seeing children of Iraq play with plastic guns and machine guns, they act seriously and their war-acquired violent habits wish those guns are real to block their hunger of seeing blood and bodies !

few things made me happy:
1- receiving several cards and Eid greetings
2- hearing my sister's voice , and knowing she is visiting us tomorrow
3- seeing  my family happy
4- trying  to smile whatever has happened

Eid saeed ... and may peace cover the whole universe!


  1. Dear Violet,

    Happy Eid to u and family.

    -Ms Endun-Malaysia

  2. Thanks dear Endun , happy blessed Eid to you , too :)

  3. Ayaamich sa3eeda and inshAllah in the future you have more reasons to be happy than sad

  4. Jnana,
    Wa aiamich habibti, Amen for your prayer :)
    Thanks alot

  5. (a very late) Happy Eid!!!!

    and enough about other people's news, what about our flower's news? :D

  6. Hey Violet..

    Happy Eid & may all your wishes come true...

    Freedom + WEVA.

  7. Touta!!!!
    Welcome dearie ! and happy late eid for you ,too :D

    Freedom and WEVA,
    thank you very much for wishing me happy Eid , God bless you both

    Yours ,



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