Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Woman's case part #2 : marriage issue

Insomnia !

What a problem !!

I haven't had insomnia since late July

Always , I think if you want to find out how a community could be , listen to their music and watch their movies and series show …

And Arab countries are fantastic example !

" I wanna marry", is the translation of an Egyptian series show title  , shown on about 6 T.V channels during Ramadan ..

The story is based on comedy –real life events which gone through by an Egyptian woman as an example of an Arabian woman in her "holy" journey of marriage !!!

The main character is a pharmacist young beautiful lady , cant rid of her mother insistence to find her the "happy ever after" bride groom.

The woman here whatever was her knowledge , if never get married before the age of 30, nobody looks  at her face  and she looks like as piece of trash , sorry Arabian woman for this rude term of mine !

I'm a woman like you , oblivious ladies !!

I have the right to feel like human being who doesn't have an expire date !!

I agree that woman has menopause by the age of 55 in the best cases , but the importance of her is only about children and sexuality ???

Enough for the sake of the Holly God's name !

The Arabian "gentle "man has got so far unfairly !

I refuse being part of this , refuse being someone who has nothing to do in her life but having birth and work like a donkey all the day long from sunshine to sunset day and night !
As an arabian woman , i'm not allowed to even to think to study out of my "Disgusting " city , and i don't have the right to travel with out a " male protector " who must be either my husbed (God forbid), my uncle or my brother or my nephew !
If I think to go to Mecca i shuld take any army with me !

We have rights for the God's sake !

BTW, I refuse also the stupid thought about equality between women and men (sorry for putting woman first , but ladies first as you say GENTLEMEN!), and I have mentioned it before , I refuse being equal to someone devoid of feelings and doesn't think about woman but in work and satisfying his OWN needs !

I refuse making woman like machine , Work at her place , works at work place , raising up children and has the responsibility of making her " Dignified" king (her husband ) happy !!

The woman needs to feel like human , needs to feel free in making her own decisions !

Needs to have the ability to decide her own pathway away from the pressure of marriage and children , She needs to fill her mind before even thinking  to marry , it's NOT a game , I think !

People round here has turned to machines , I have never heard about any love story that makes storms and dares to face the world

All I hear is "traditional " marriage that based on the Mother visiting the girl's house and deside if she :

1- Has a worthy salary or not!( does she work or not ?? )

2- Beautiful or not

3- Has a family that has a good mask , ah I mean a good reputation!

4- Being submissive to her future husband or not !

5- And lastly devoid of dreams

Guys , I feel tired of this community , it drives me crazy !!

How a marriage could be done by only seeing the girl and the guy form first look and asking some questions about his family , and believe me his/her family reputation is more important than her/his own reputation here  !?

I think from my view they should know each other , at least know what are the dreams of each other , what are their common needs and aspirations …

At least they must work together !!

Alright may be I have to finish this later …


  1. I hope you don't mind me asking Violet, I am just curious, do you still have to have permission from a male guardian to leave the country? I know that a law was passed when Saddam was in power, saying that a woman under 40 or 50 ? had to have permission to leave country! By the way I love your blog and learning about Iraq!

  2. Cicily.. you are welcome :)
    It doesn't matter how is my age to leave the country as long as i'm more 18 but Syria as example and Saudi Arbia don't allow me to enter without guardian as you said ..

    Hope you can visit Iraq some day , and I hope a day when the tourist can come here without fearing about thier life, and the day when I leave this country , would come true some day , I pray for that:)

    And By the way also , your blog is one of my fave american blogs :)..


  3. Well.. Ola can't find ONE husband and Zuhra has FIVE!! LOL

  4. what an irony series is that " zuhra and her 5 husbands"!!
    i thought you would discuss other matters more important in this post :)
    Any way welcome
    I can't wait to see ola's husband LOL


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