Monday, August 23, 2010

Plans In Ramadan

What I've done of my Ramadan plans this year?
Frankly speaking , I'm confused since the beginning of 2010 or even since late 2009!
And actually you know why, or at least have an idea about what I've passed through those cursed months !
1-      Yes, I took a word form myself not to listen to music EVER, during Ramadan and about watching, I never watch any song already !
2-      And even when I use internet , I try to use it by the most useful way I can , either by looking for facts or searching what many verses of Quran mean and many other ways , away from time killing "chatting", or brain vexing " face book" , I don't have an account now , I hate the idea of face book and all social sites  at the first place, but I don't know what happened to me and made me exist there !
3-      I read Quran every day before "Asr prayer "
4-      I don't talk to any of my friends , I merely contact them , it's like Zakaria's fasting :)
5-      I don't even listen to my favorite  classical music , it puts salt on wounds !
6-      I have only one series show to watch on Abu dabi TV , it's "Takhit Sharki", I think it's enough!

You know what?
I don't feel Ramadan as I used to do before war , it's has turned to a period of time when you can only forbid food and drink to yourself , and can't forbid many  other bad things !
1-      They can't estop killing , and blood effusing !..
2-      They don't estop bad habits that come to our youth after war , like Pornographic bad T.V channels , that didn't exist before war
It's a holy month , and it supposed to be respected , I think if some one need to do some thing ·  Antagonist to our religion , he/she does it with her/his self and doesn’t make its effect public and make other friends and youth affected by their bad habits and behavior !God who judges them at the end !
We used in the past  that Ramadan is respected and transfigured, if someone needed to break his fasting he don't do it publicly and respect others who are fasting and respect the month its self!
Now people drink Bear and they think they are now FREE!
The problem is that , we can't understand the idea of freedom itself, all we understand Is to do  all the things which are illegal grounds to our Noveltied freedom !
We think democracy and freedom is to kill each other and kill everybody different form us in ideas and religion !
I don't know how Iraqis can  understand the idea of freedom, which based on freedom in mind and thoughts , where you can think what you think it's right and respect what's others think right!



  1. Dear Violet

    Nothing makes me feeling more united to other people than my faith. These relationships are not temporal, but eternal. (that's why i want my beloved ones to share my faith ;).
    You've done a great job in thinking about what really matters in life. Compliments! Go on...
    What's more important: God bless you and give you his peace in your heart.

  2. Anonymous,
    Accept my regards , and happiness to your comment here,
    Faith is what makes our weak human soul strong , and feel there is always something bigger than us , and more authorized than us!
    And about making your beloved ones share your faith , it's difficult, and maybe there is always some one to love but there is no one to think like !
    and this tells me your beloved ones are different form you in faith :), I experienced it myself

    for me , I believe in intention and its consequences, so when I'm sincere with whom I'm dealing with God will never fail me !

    Thanks a lot and make me see you always here

  3. Hey sweetie,
    I -like yourself- have set some rules for this Ramadan, but sadly I can't stop my addiction to facebook, or listening to music on youtube =(
    However I have been reading Quran daily and trying to pray tarawee7 in the mosque whenever I get the chance

    Take care <3
    btw I read a book a while ago called " Talking about Jane Austen in Baghdad" and it reminded me of you.. May Allah help all people of Iraq

  4. Dear Hanan,
    it's pleasure to see every time here:)

    I could help it out and have not listened to music so far :)
    and about face book I think it's waste of time , i tried it myself , the advantages that i've got there are less the disadvantages
    but i stll miss my friends there and sharing things :(

    May Allah's mercy be on us all:)

  5. I do not want other people to share MY opinions, but everyone has obligation to seek for TRUTH.
    If there's 'sth higher or bigger', what's that or who's that? I observe, many people do not want to know the truth, they are afraid for it, deny it, oppose to it etc.

    Other point, intention. Ok, but it's dangerous to judge according to s.o. INTENTION. I can have the intention to give money to people in Pakistan, but i I do not actually give it? If s.o. has nice theories about peace and live in hatred with his family, this is idiot! There should be sth more objective than s.o. intentions. Ok, God sees our intentions, but He will judge our LIFE.
    Bye, with love!
    With love!

  6. Anonymous,
    are you the same one up there?

    All right , it's truth!
    and many people are always afraid of truth !
    maybe becoz we human are such weak creatures who can't afford living in a place but thier faked dreams
    and our intentions always reflected in our behaviour and Achievements , so the basic thing is intention and principles
    BTW, your english so slang that ican't understand well, i'm not so good in slang


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