Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Me and the eivils

Have you every had this feeling?when everything is turned black to you, you can't trust any one ,
all of people have turned evils to you with no mercy and humanity !

I think once again, what has happened to make  me feel like this?
Who I'll blame ? me ? others ?my stupidity?folly?my bad ideologies ?
Or my innocence shell , that I refuse to get out of it!
Yes, I think a lot, and blame, punish myself for nothing
All I'll gonna say, sorry for being human !

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  1. Hey Violet...

    I have the same feelings, It is something inside you, you want to fight it but you don't know what is it.
    Is it you? your people? your life? your thoughts?
    And in this case I would prefer to be alone for a while to re-think about myself over & over.
    It is like diagnosis for your self, But, stay positive, it is good energy for ourselves:)


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