Thursday, August 19, 2010

Medicine For Losers !!

Let's be Honest !

The medical college here is full of losers !

The ones who just want someone to call them Doctors to implement their selves out !

And don't care if the patients die by their hands , they all are " cases " to them

I don't know what makes them bear all hard study of medical college and then the fatal, exhausting work after graduation?

Ah, I know during study years , it doesn't matter as long as they have Vitamin WAW(1) , as long as your father , brother , mother is a doctor you rock in medical college baby !

And after graduation , ah yes …

Mama and Baba also there behind you, don't worry sweetie !

at the mean time you mess as much as you can , use facebook badly , harass girls whom you know and whom you don't know , take photos with your N(2000 and now) cell phone , and be sure Mama is there for you !

And then marry a Girl , and more over Stipulate to be form a good family and doesn’t speak with boys !

What a loser are you !?

And mama again with you , you can travel outside Iraq , and get diploma and specialization form Harvard because Mom and dad have graduated there !

All right, Medicine has turned to dolls play people !

Losers with an average not more than 50%, get out to Russia , Ukraine, Syria and then returned and get equal to someone didn't sleep as human being for a year in order to get accepted in Medical college "fairly"!

No one from Iraqi bloggers , and from Mosul specifically mentioned the scandal which has happened in Mosul medical college , when a group of losers in sixth stage stole  the superior students test papers from the test commission in the college , and believe me there is a leak !

And the those student had to do the exams again !!

What a farce ?!

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