Sunday, August 22, 2010

Apple juice !

Have you ever heard of Ahlam Mustaghanmi's saying:

"ليس ثمة موتى غير أولئك الذين نواريهم في مقبرة الذاكرة
إذآ يمكننا بالنسيان ان نشبع موت متى ماشئنا
من الأحياء.. فنستيقظ ذات صباح ونقرر
أنهم ماعادوا هنــــا

dead people are only whoة we through in our memory Thesaurus, so we can wake up every morning and kill whoever we want to forget and decide they are not there any more !"

I almost hate Ahlam when she says so ! what we can do if we wake up and can't decide they are not here any more !
what we can do if we can't understand fate and its compelling rules and laws?
what we can do if we are just humans , who have 1/1000 of their rights , we just have the right to eat and to drink
so i get advantage of this right , and relish my cup of apple juice full of ice , hope fully it transfers me to heaven and gets me out of this hell!

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