Thursday, May 06, 2010

No more lies >!

I don't know ....
but something has happened to me !
i see the life from a different criteria !
I don't know if I've returned  to what I used to be in high school or have been the modified me !

I don't want people to pay me courtesy , and I don’t want people to say " take it easy ,you're  still young and have right to make mistakes !

I need someone to advice me !!!!!!!


  1. Halaw ya Violet! Shlonich? I hope all is going well with you despite this post =) I've missed reading your blog but I'm glad I was able to catch up today. I especially liked the last post, inshallah there will always be happiness in between all the stress and friends and family to keep you smiling and safe.
    Allah wiyach habibty

  2. unfortunately you will have to earn that. once you get your own money, house and so on, people will stop treating you like a kid.


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