Tuesday, April 06, 2010

One the way to College!

Every time I come here , it is a sign I have learned something!
Life amazes me again and again and again !
On The way we go to college , we listen to many songs almost all of them are very old and take me back to my childhood, we keep laughing and laughing !
Or I just keep my privacy and have a book to read ,sitting on the heading chair in the car ,  and bear  the driver's stories injected Obligatorily  into my ears !
Every time I listen to him , I see him as my little brother and not as my older one … I keep give him social advises how to deal with his fiancée , I see him as a child and always need help! He is very nice guy…
My college goes well these days , I love it and I love every thing in it in spite of the ugliness of these days !
I won't speak about checkpoints , broken roads , bumbs ! my heart has had enough of this !
And I won't speak this time about patients and hospitals , I've been tired a little bit!
It's only me and how my"MIND" has been grown up! I'm very happy with that !i see the things from different directions, I see beauty in every thing I see …
And I never get angry rapidly ! and this amazes me again in comparison with the hard tough days I've got through at the beginning of this year !
It's all Strauss , Mozart and some sweet guitar playing !
People , for a moment I  love life !
Prayers !


  1. i'm so glad you're starting to enjoy life..
    whenever i see a post on your blog..i always think "thank god she's still coping"
    May Allah always be at your side =)

  2. hanan,
    My lovely friend :)
    Thanks so much for being here "always"
    I really need nice people like you besides me :)
    May Allah keep you safe sister ^_^

  3. ViVi,
    i apologise for being late in commenting, but i loved this post. :D

    life does amaze, and you learn something new everyday, so start posting more :P

    love and best wishes!


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