Tuesday, August 25, 2009

She is back !

Ring >>> ring

Hello ---- ,

Hello 3eni !!

OH , without believing my self- !! susu !?!?!??!?-

How are you girl?? How are you doing???

When have you arrived to Mosul !!??

I miss you Girl !

My best friend Susu has spent a year in Syria , for studying medicine too , I was heavenly happy to hear her voice again ,, All that time I was talking to her via chat messenger .

She said " I was so happy and optimist that I'm going back home with my family , but when I entered Mosul ,, it's like a cloud blackened my heart .. the concretes ,, the checkpoints … the army .. the wretched streets and so on !! and more over the hot waether :)) "

i don't blame her .. maybe because I've got used to it and have never tried another country in my life .. between you and me … I think it's better afraid not to break my heart …\

Any way I was happy for her return and bagan to Imagine how to spend my life college with her and with other friends

Till next time

stay safe


  1. how good that you are united with your friend. friendships are the only hope in our battered, butchering world. enjoy.embrace.

  2. الحمد لله على سلامتها وإن شاء الله كل الخير إلكم سوية

  3. Stephen ,
    Thanks for your kind words :)


    تسلمين حبيبتي شكرا لتعليقج



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