Monday, August 31, 2009


I don't know why I'm here , and why I'm writing almost every day these last days !!!
My talking has been all the same ! all about the way I'm living and the tedium I feel !! even my company in reality has been so nasty ! all I'm talking about now :
I feel bored
I can't stand it
What a life !
What a situation
I hate people
I hate myself
I hate the way I'm in now :(

If I have lived in other place , maybe under different circumstances .. I would be different !
I'm sure I would
But I don't like fantastic dreams , dreams that will NEVER come true ..
Believe me I try, I try to find a spark of hope …a spot of life … I might spend my whole life looking for this mirage !
--------I have experienced too many things the last period .. it shows me how I am still a teen , who has never know what the real life really is !
The way I behave , is how I behave everywhere ,and nearly with every person ,of course depends who he/she is … I don't know .. it's me and I can't be anyone but me
Maybe I'm wrong , and the PERFECT STATE I want my world to be is impossible to realize
All I have to do is to be patient .. and Life is gonna show me what's the secret all about


  1. actually i try to change my reality every day at least i do as best as i can to improve myself.but sometimes when i have a moment with myself i feel that there is something great waiting for me and i just dont have to be so rush!i have to get some PATIENCE.

  2. I agree with mais violet, it happens sometimes, when you find yourself in the middle of something so chaotic, you cant concentrate, you think you can but you dont have the needed fun, the needed desire to enjoy the thing around. dont worry, we all pass through the same thing. but, i dont know what to say. i myself became so afraid of thinking of hope or speaking of it. i just want to keep it safe, beautiful and so high. i just fear losing it, just like many other things i have lost just because i talked about!!!!!!!!!
    Be safe Dr. and take care.
    and btw, you should write here all what you feel, this is why the blog was found.. dont worry. :) :) :)

  3. Dear violet,
    i have experienced a couple of days just like yours right now.. when you feel horrible and don't know why,
    my advice for you is to pray.. in every sujood you make ask Allah for guidence and he won't forget you, also counting your blessings helps =)
    alhamdulilah you are in health and are surrounded by a family that loves you..believe it or not many people across the world are jealous of you because of that!

  4. Never EVER give up or lose your dreams dear violet, and most importantly nowhere and nothing is perfect.

    love and kisses,

  5. سؤال دكتورة ..
    لو أحد إجة سألج وين تريدين تروحين أو تسافرين .. ببالج مكان أو بلد معين تريدين تروحيله؟ وليش؟؟


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