Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My fried paradise

A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains.

i'm introdusing my fired paradise  : 

It's hell… it's un bearable torment…. It's endless pain….

It's how you examine yourself….

It's how to kill your nervous cells ... cell by cell by cell …

It's setting been tortured  in a  flamy room .. then mom came saying:

Violet, please get down stairs … study in the guests' room … my room anywhere. It's unbearable up here!

It's me saying to her(with hysteric giggle) : mama please leave alone! I can't study elsewhere!

It's my friend sending me an SMS asking me where have I arrived in study..

It's me replying to her: I have finished 7 lectures , leaving 5 for tomorrow.

It's me got down stairs , feeling the great temperature change… as my skin has become scaly.

Hot>>>>>> cold>>>>>>>hot>>>>>>cold !!ENOUGH!!!!

It's me  trying to keep awake by using legal and illegal methods….

It's me not sleeping without  using some medication  … I can't stand it anymore…

It's me ending this post to go praying.. may Allah look at me and see the girl who  always loves him as nobody would ever do~~~~

Note: the medication is for allergy causing sleepness … I use it for allergy response and for sleeping, as arabs say:

اضرب عصفورين بحجر واحد) )  


  1. Dear Violet,

    It's all few days and every thing related to exams should be over.

    It's fine to leave the 7 lectures for tomorrow. Always you have the option to say nicely yes mom, thank you mom, yes yes yes mom: I will do it, one minute, it's done, yes yes and calm her down.Yes mom go and do the anatomy exam istead of me. Yes mom you are right I should study downstair.

    Be Hababah and relax
    And have a laugh

    And shout Yes mom I love you mom

    Mom, I Love You!

    How do I let you know how much I love you

    Always you are there for me
    When I'm sick you feel it and when I'm happy you smile before me

    And If I'm sad, you give me a warm hug and I sit like a kid on your knee

    I cannot even count the fantastic and generous efforts you have done

    And you even made shouting so much fun.

    Violet Habah pleace have a laugh!

  2. 'fried paradise'

    يا فيولت ، مسلوكا أصح من المقلية
    :D :D

    love and best wishes. :)

  3. ta8abel Allah ya violet and may all your du3as come true. Soon inshalla you'll be done and the nateeja will reflect all your hard work.

    my prayers are with you dear, and best wishes in everything :)

  4. يا توتة لا مسلوفة ولا مقلية
    وانما مشوية
    لان لا اكو مي ولا زيت للقلي

    Violet try to make it easy for you,
    بالعراقي سهليها :)
    I wish you all the best and be nice with your mama, she wants you to study down stairs so you would not be grilled up stairs :)

    بالموفقية ان شاء الله

  5. khalid,
    I cried when i read your comment :)

    مسلوكة والا مقلية ... كل الطرق تؤدي الى روما
    sorry ur other comment was deleted mistakenly. :) forgive me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

    thank you sweetie:). i do appreciate ur comment and support.
    God bless u :)

    welcome again here on my humble blog:)

    والله دأحاول اسهلها ...ودنشوف شيصير
    i'm optimist,hhhh :D:D:D
    wishing you happiness wherever you go :)


    اكيد اني لا اول وحدة ولا أخر وحدة تمتحن ... بس اني دأكتب معاناة وقتية
    حتى اضحك عليها بلصيف

    God bless you all :)

  6. BTW,
    at high temp, nervous cells may be affected so i can say " i'm excused"

  7. i know what u mean by the heat..
    in jeddah the high temprarure has seriously become unbearable.. =(
    when i turn on the air conditioner i freez to death and as soon as i turn it off i start melting..
    so in the end i surrendered; turned on the AC and wore a wool jacket in the middle of summer!
    whenever someone passes my room they laugh at me!
    لابسة جاكيت في عز الصيف!!

  8. and don't worry dear violet..
    summer vacation will come and its pleasant afternoons will -hopefully- erase all these nightmare exam days!
    -wishing u all the best from saudi arabia=)

  9. khalid,
    i don't know i was so tired when i read it and the words were so warm and effective!:)
    Thanks alot!

    hhhhhhhhhhhh. it's funny to live in middle east.
    God bless you dear.
    devote prayers for you from Iraq the cradle of civilizations to the holy land of mecca and saudi arabia that prophet mohamad had ever put his blessed feet on it!

  10. touta,
    i wasn't able to read your comment

  11. To be honest I cried too but I laughed as well. It's a mixture of feelings.

    Not that much left for you to be free again.

    Take care,

  12. ah, I'm feeling this feeling now!

    "Not that much left for you to be free again"

    violet: ?????

  13. "hababh"

    the best name i have ever had !! :)

    and "very sensitive", is horribly right :D:D

  14. والله الله يساعدج ..
    دا أشعر بيج .. لأن فاتحة المكيف وأهفي !!!
    ما عدنة إلكم غير الدعاء ..
    يارب تفرج إن شاء الله .

    الله يحرر العراق .. ويصير عدنة حكومة صدك اداري الشعب مو بس تبلع !!!!
    ويصير أكو كهرباء ومبردات ..

    موفقة إن شاء الله بامتحاناتج والله ييسرها ويهونها عليج .. وإن شاء الله طبيبة كد الدنيا ..

  15. آني عندي رأي ..
    إذا تتخيلين إنج كاعدة بنص الثلج .. أو مثلاً إنتي بالمسبح أو على البحر ..(وطشي مي حتة توحين لجهازج العصبي)
    ويعني ما أدري من أتخيل روحي بمكان بارد .. وأبدأ مغامرات اللعب بالماي أو الثلج كلش يتحسن الوضع بدل ما أفكر بالفرن والشوي أو السلق !!

  16. Remember, sleep is only a few days away!

    The studies are almost over (for a few weeks anyway ;-) )

  17. زهرة

    other few years of my life left and the things are going to get better :D:D:D
    والله ابو الخيال مايفيد بهل الحر!
    شكرا عيني ع تعليقج الحلو

    i'm so YEARNING to have that loooong sleep!:D

  18. اي ومنو كال اني ما ريلاكس؟؟

  19. فيولا سلام شكو ماكو اشو صنطة انشاء الله خير
    اخبارنا ماكو شي بس بين حانا ومانا ضاعت لحانا
    من صفحة عباس صارلتلة مشكلة مثل متدرين والتهينا وياه
    ومن صفحة اللخ توتة عندة ارق وتعال حلهة
    والظاهر هي تريد حل منج بس اذا مكن مو تنطيهة كيلو حبابي اشكال والوان

    مودعين بالله فيولا الحبابة قاهرة الارق

  20. هههههههههههههه
    اني عيعجبني اضحك اليوم
    الحل للأرق هسة راح اروح اكتبا بتعليق و عباس مشكلتا حلها مبين هذاك هوا"زاطي" مثل ما انكول نحنا المصلاوة

    تحياتي وشكرا ع السؤال وترى اني مو صنطة هسة بعد كتبت بوست

  21. تصدك خالد اني جنت من اكبر كارهي وباغضي الدوا حتى هاي كبل كم يوم

  22. اي دي ضحكي ليش لا وبالانتظار

    وانشاء الله يبعدج عن كل دوة يا فيولا يا طيبة يا قاهرة الارق اي شحدة الارق يوصلج اشو من تنامين بس مدفع الافطار وهذا هم احتمال يكعدج

  23. ذكرتني برمضان... اشكد احبه
    هسة بس تخلص الامتحانات بعد ميعجبني انام ويصير بيا ارق مثل توتا

    الله كريم
    الله ايخليك ويبارك بيك يا طيب


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