Saturday, April 04, 2009

returning to the very beginning

After seeing not that huge echo i expected for my last post .. I decided to be what I used to be; an unknown as I'm always ... as you try to know who am  I you get deeper and deeper and won't know where is the begging >>> the college is all right ... we are doing(I'm doing) fine... tomorrow we have an exam and unfortunately i won't be able to attend my dear sister graduation ... I'm very sad for that :(.. dad and mom are planning to go to macca for doing emra(عمرة) the visit to the holy house of allah except haj... and they are waiting till the final note for  travel .. so i hope tomorrow they will be able to attend her party...

the poetry to me is a matter of self explaining  and I think I'm going to write a poem now .. I don't know what its title or its contents   .. 

okay i don't have much to say.. so plz pray for me 


  1. of course i will pray for you.

  2. عمرة مباركة انشالله

    و خلي الباقي ألا الله، شمدريني هاي الحياة


  3. annie,
    thanks for your continuous prayers for me :)..

    هاي شنو، داتحجين بالعربي؟؟!! هههههه...
    شكرا حياتي على التعليق الحلو

  4. إتدللي حياتي هههههه

  5. hello violete
    Omra Maqboola inshalla o mubaraka for you parents.
    not going to the graduation party of your sister is a bad thing, I remember my graduation party in 2007, I was happy but very sad, because my sister was in the US and my fiance was in Syria, no one was their to take pictures for me as I did in the graduation party of my sister... I'm sad now because I remember all of that.

  6. Hello Violet,

    How are you? How are you doing in the exams?
    I just wanted to say hello..:)

    my father left to do Umrah few days ago so I guess your parents have also done the same?!

  7. micho,
    thanks my dear for your sweet words ... yes, i'm still regretting that ... sorry for reminding you of that sad memory

    along time my bro... how are you?
    me>>>> fine >>>> as i always say >>> still breathing ...
    انشالله يرجع الوالد بالسلامة يارب


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