Monday, March 23, 2009

Am I ready to heal someone someday?

setting while staring and thinking about what I have done the 18 years and some monthes ago, and what i'm going to do... what were my dreams and what are  my aims.. what people i used to know ... and what people i'm going to meet. wondering about what i have achieved and what has left to be achieved, i realized that they are too many.. too many that they can't be counted.. first is to complete what i have just begun this year... the dream of dreams... my only destiny.. my aim since i was six.. is to be a doctor... 
i wonder sometimes; do i have the enough courage to be that heavenly person??.. am i ready to take this responsibility.. or i'm certain that i can do this otherwise i wouldn't stick to this dream like honey on skin in a summery day.. what will i do when i'm in charge and reponsible for the lives of too many people... what will i do when i'll see a baby crying with pain.. seeing this one is enough to me to feel the real PAIN...
as a matter of fact it is not in my hands i can't help it, i believe in angles... (with other word i believe in God-allah-) he'll guide me to what he has already planned to me.. the people i'm gonna meet.. the world i'm gonna see... the problems i'm gonna face....
i think healing some one in need is the holy thing that can only make me cherich my life.
far away from this subject:
what would you feel if you don't have  a single  drop of water in your house.??? tell me your answer, may be you feel what i'm  feeling  now.. 
furthur information :the water has been cut off since unlimitted period in our neighbourhood


  1. this is amazing Violet. you must be a very brave person. I already know you are giving. and smart! now i know you are very smart!

    i am so sorry to hear of the explosion at your university. stay safe, Iraq needs you.

  2. ok, i thought i would answer your question about the water. i would probably leave my house in search of water. i would feel bummed about my garden.

    frankly Violet, i don't handle stressful situations very well, but to be honest their have been relatively few really stressful situations i have had to deal with that couldn't be resolved fairly quickly. i say relatively, because it is even hard to imagine going theu almost a decade of my life in a war zone.

    that said, the times i have been in dire circumstance i don't know where i found the courage to go on, but i did. i guess i had a reservoir of courage i didn't even know was there that pulled me thru,

    you are probably like that but much moreson than myself, with all it takes to not only take care of yourself but others to.

    sometimes letting go, by that i mean trusting in your faith that you will be guided to fulfill your destiny, this is how miracles happen i do believe. i think it is true about the angel you speak of.

    i would very much hope you have had water by now. very much hope.

    praying for you dear one.

  3. Salaam! Another medic, woohoo! Are you in medical school right now, or planning on going to one?

  4. Mashalla 3laich violet. This dream of yours is special and I truly believe you'll be a great doctor someday Inshallah. Reach for the stars and go for it. With Allah's help anything is possible.

  5. annie,
    I'm brave?! hhhh
    first of all welcome here on my blog ... and yes.. i have just started studying medicine this year.. BTW.. your photos that have posted on your blog (of Hijab) are amazing !!
    moonlight,\thanks dear .. I'll be what i'm supposed to be and never agree to be less than that :)

  6. yes, brave. to live the life you are living and keep going. to dream of healing others, to study for healing others.

  7. I liked this post and I wish you all the best.

    Don't worry dear, God will guide you to find your way.

    Sorry for the water situation you're facing. Keep safe.


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