Sunday, February 01, 2009

The blind Mona Lisa

Have you ever imagine or ask yourself why Mona Lisa never stops smiling?! 
She smiles to everybody; never cares if the person before her good or bad. all she knows is following people and give them her charming smile ;whether they want to or not.
She is like a blind woman lives in heaven and thinks everybody with her in that heaven, never has any idea that among the people who pass through her; there are sad, poor, desperate ,hopeless, smile-less or even evil people!.
I don't know, but I see I'm like the Mona Lisa in some way or another ! it's like I live in imaginary world where there is no one lies on his friend , no one treats his brother , just love and peace . and don't want and body to get me out of it, in fact I forget the world is full of bad things and continue what I believe about my imaginary world as I'm crazy or something!
Yesterday, was kind of interesting day to me, it was my first participation in elections. Curfew was imposed and we had to walk to the election center. It was complicated journey actually, but I saw the gang of my cat's(Lulu's) husband - I would never let her have a boyfriend :D- wandering in the streets, maybe he voted :D . everyone has the right to vote right?
I hope things are going to change for better here and everywhere in Iraq, it's time to live decently.
Today is my father's birthday , we visited our relatives for doing the same former "family stuff" and then went to buy him a gift. He telephoned us coz he got worried and we had to lie on him and said the roads are blocked :D –we wanted to make it a surprise – anyway we didn't lie, did we?:D  


  1. Hello Vivi,
    You have a good taste in templates :)

    You know sis, I think we've recently become relatives ;)
    You still have to have a brother so I can be sure though :D

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  3. well i think we have to keen on smiling before anyone,good or evil,as i think.
    happy birthday to your father.
    best wishes

  4. Najma,
    thanks but my layout has gone with the wind :D
    if we are sisters, how it can be "we've recently become relatives "?!:D:D
    you are right, prophet Mohamed ( Allah's prayers and blessings be on him) had told us to do this:) .
    that's why i see myself like Monalisa,lol
    Thanks to you :) and best wishes to you ,too.

  5. About the last template, seems to me the site the images were hosted on only hosts for a limited time for free.

    I didn't reply to your questions because it seemed to me that I might be wrong since you seemed to have no idea what I was talking about.
    To make a long story short.. I am only guessing but if you know Mothar, then we've soon become relatives! Otherwise, I'm guessing wrong :)


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