Friday, January 30, 2009

It contains NO (Violet)

Yes, my new layout contains no violet. you know why?? I can't distinguish colors and people any more!!!!!


  1. Hi Violet,
    Wah!! what a change. Actually not bad for a change.
    However why can't you distinguish colors and people anymore ? are you color blind? what wrong with the people you know? they confuse you?
    Any way good Luck with your Education.
    Be happy always

  2. Hi Miss Violet,nice layout but the former was nicer,my opinion.
    "I can't distinguish colors and people any more!!!!!" any more explanations?!
    best wishes.

  3. Did something happen to your site Violet? I hope that you are fine. I think your new layout looks great.

  4. Wow Violet!

    Awesome new layout!!

    I really like it :D

  5. I like the new look Ukhti Violet! :-)

  6. Hello Violete, I liked your new layout, but to be honest with you the last one was realy nice, and I felt like it was part of your personality.

    but what happened with colors and not distinguishing people any more? it is a strong quote you know that?

    It is one of your friends right?

  7. Great post!

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  8. brothers, sisters and friends:
    world sometimes seams to me so dark with no hope especially when people around me make me think like this:)
    Thanks for your nice comments:)

  9. commoncents,
    would you please precize what is "a Link Exchange"?


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