Thursday, January 01, 2009

Seeing another world !!

Seeing another world !!

It was first of January today … the first day in 2009 .. the first year that I look positively on it !! I used to say at every year that is going to start " this year is like the last year, the same things , the same people … the same situation and the same dullness  and weariness !!!" , good I see this year will be , دقوا عل الخشب !!! هههههه .

I was thinking today  of the ones who kill themselves for escaping from their present conditions , social or financial   conditions or anything. My father once told me that some women used to stand on the old Iron bridge in Mosul (as Moslawis call it , built by Britons during the Britons' occupation of Mosul    )and throw  themselves in Dijla's water/ Tigris river; for escaping from their bad social conditions.. as we know, women in Iraq at that time didn't use to have  sufficient rights.. and till now … I didn't believe dad at that time , coz I didn't imagine how a person kill himself with all his mental power..

Or why we go to the suicides .. let's have a look on having drugs in order to escape from bad conditions.. but you know what ??!! (some) youth  in Europe don't have drugs for running away from their present .. they usually have their organized and lawful conferences of having drugs in normal and totally legal cafes !!!! well educated one from Mosul after spending too many years in Europe says :" they say that these cafés are totally legal and youth come to them to have some fun and inspire their souls , but the problem that the drugs are illegal while the cafes for having drugs are legal , !!! " .. they need to make a objections and demand of totally making legal the transmission and dealing with drugs .. , he also says that " the youth there feel so bored of their current life , everything is  the same day and nothing changes , they need something exiting !!!! ,   .. he even told that -from  medical related position- , that he received cases of surviving suicides.. and asked one of guys  who try to kill themselves  after figuring out that he has a life/medical  assurance, good financial state and even a girlfriend!!! …  he wondered why the sky they try to do that ???!!! one of them answered him :" they say that there is another life after death .. I wanna see and try that life coz I feel so bored form my current life !!!!" :D:D , really funny, right? ناس فاضيييييية....... على قولة عادل امام هههه.... "isn't possible to exchange every person in Denmark with ten Iraqi people ? I said when I heard this story , hahaha.. it's wry thing!!! People are dying to be transformed to another world , and other are dying starving in Africa or in any part of the world !!!.. life is not fair !!! as I always say !!! …

 Hint : only marijuana  is allowed in those cafes.


 don't stand at the margin of this bridge! someone is gonna push you into  the water !!! hahaha



  1. Izatie,
    Assalamualaikum and regards to your family,
    First and foremost, I would like take this opportunity to wish you a ‘happy new year’ and a success to your career undertaking.
    Thanks for visiting and contributing a melancholy comments on my other blog. It was kind of surprised isn’t? However let share the following for a moment in time and for the last time….
    Someone sitting here.. Near the fireplace , in front of a window…
    It's cold and warm at the same time ..
    Raining in the room and sunny outside!!!
    just waiting A person to talk to…. No!!!
    a simple word ..
    Waiting a simple sound to listen…
    A simple breath to breathe with ….
    A Heart to be close to ….
    Here… I feel alone .. Helpless …
    I feel a body without a soul!!
    A body who is suffering with respiring air..
    Suffering with seeing things ..
    Suffering with breathings fragrant of blooms ..
    Suffering with going anywhere.…
    The body… as been said..
    And the soul has traveled to another place ..
    Indefinite and hazy place …
    A spot of land which is cloudless ..
    Pure ….
    From hating
    Detesting …
    From wars …
    Anything defective …
    frightful ..
    Anyone wrongful.. And any child fearful..
    Is this place is really on earth ??!!
    Or my soul has just left me for nothing..
    For no place …
    For nobody but PEACE !!!
    In this borderless frontier, it has been very hard to set a ground rule as to what is wrong and what is right. Finding a faceless friends and foes with misunderstanding ideology. For better or for the worst, Sharing unknown experiences
    No one can really predicts what lies in the future.
    As for you my friends. I had done what needed to be done. If my blog had create a controversy to you, I am sorry and forgive me. However, I must respect your father decision… for your sake.
    So my friends, I have to do what is best for everybody. I need to erase my present and for the last time thanks for everything.
    Teruskan menulis. Bye..silent...

  2. sorry violets, my comment means for someone else. I recite your beautiful poem for her to share.Your approval is hearty appreciated.You don't have to published those comments.
    Thanks, may Allah bless you and happy new year 2009

  3. Happy new year to you,too. SLYMONE:).
    Glad to know that my poem has effected the senses of someone... and even if not I publish your first comment for the sake of the humanity and goodness....

  4. people in the world you are talking about feel no love- in your life, it may not be always happy, and safe, but because of this you learn to live each second properley, and more importantly with the people you love.

    you know miss violet i wanted to visit that metal bridge in mosul, but now i'm afraid you'll push me off. hhhhhhhhhhhh

    best wishes,

  5. Haha, Touta can make us all laugh :D

    I'd love to visit every sight in Mosul ;)

  6. you are right C.H., Touta has a very sweet sense of humor :). In fact all people of Baghdad have the spirit that I love !!!
    Be careful don't visit that Bridge. I'll push you off both :D..
    I'm kidding Dijla is now freezy .. I have a heart in the end ,hhhhhh

  7. Dear Violet,

    I found your blog recently and want to thank you for posting your thoughts. You sound like a wonderful and optimistic young woman. Being optimistic does not mean that you are not affected by the things in your life and around you, but that you search for a way to reframe the difficult times, to make something good, come out of something bad. You certainly have this gift. God bless you dear girl! I wish you a happy new year that exceeds any expectations that you have!

    Peace and happiness to you!


  8. Thank U Hope, whoever you are :), and thank you for visiting my blog...
    Happy new year !!!
    peace and happiness to you,too.


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