Monday, January 26, 2009

Plan B


Is this prescription normal , or something has been put in it ! I feel SOO good , I can't feel that contious annoying headache again !!!

One of these is right:

1-      The doctor is magical

2-      The prescription is magical

3-      I'm magical :D


After visiting the doctor , it appeared that I don't have sinuses.. I have Congestions ; he wrote me a prescription and the result was instant .. And I appreciate any message sent to me asking how am I doing , thanks friends  !!!  I would like to tell anybody cares about me  , I'm fine now  Alhamed lilah ( Thanks to Allah)


I was the chief today, my mom left the responsibility of the cooking to me . beside looking after my little sister. I woke up at 10:00 AM( I had enough during exams, I used to get up at 06:00 AM), to be honest I didn't wake up spontaneously .. my little sister ( I'll call her M) woke me , after feeling bored and wanting someone to play with !!!). okay , okay .. I woke up! Got downstairs to have breakfast , with listening to  the songs of Fayrouz .. it's worthy !.

At 12:00 PM ,I  decided to start cooking before my family gets home , M suggested to make the soup ( she is only 9 years old , like her sister she is |CHIEF| hhh. Okay these what I cooked  today:

1-      Cow's liver  : this can be cooked with garlic and some spices ( it's fried). I don't like it ( I like only its smell while being  cooked :D )

2-      Broccoli : two types :

a-      Dunked  in the whipped  egg  without  Chopping  ( it's also been cooked by frying).

b-      Chopped broccoli with whipped eggs and celery .(also fried)

This one was suggested by dad yesterday , THANK YOU GOD !!!

 he didn't suggest the  (plan B )which is FISH !!!! , I HATE it!! With all  this word may  mean .

3-      Finger chips

4-      Kuba(s): ( there is no English translation for  this word ,hhhh). It can be made by using those essential materials   : rice , chopped  meat and  spices . first the rice is cooked and then a dough been made by mixing the rice with  water ,then fried meat with salt and spices which are involved inside this dough giving the  shape of circle ( also fried). I'll let you with some photos .. I don't recommend seeing the cooker now :D… its situation is miserable! Thank God I could tie up the mess before mom came home :D   

to the right : Kuba , to the left # 2(a)

finger chips ( who doesn't know it,lol ) 

# 2(b)

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  1. Ooh they make my mouth water. :)

    الحمدلله على سلامتك

  2. violet,
    so happy to hear you are okay, keep well, and i hope you get better and feel happy,
    also..WOW what a great cook you are. :D I loved the pictures. :D
    best wishes and love,

  3. I'm glad you're feeling better:) I want to thank you for leaving the nice comment on my first post. I noticed it some time after you left it, and I've been slowly reading your blog since then. May I add you to my list of Good Peeps?

    BTW, please add character (ي) or put kasra , i feel so upset when some one talks to me as i'm a male :D
    Thanks dear :):).
    very sad that you can't taste them, maybe you will some day inshallah
    Iraqi Mojo,
    Thanks for passing by and thanks for leaving your nice comment.
    it would be so nice if you do so :)

  5. Wow, nice yammy dishes, I like fried food..
    what is the third dish in the pictures? can I know how you made it?

    Thank be to Allah you are feeling ok now... الحمدلله على سلامتك

  6. you are driving me crazy by :" الحمدلله على سلامتك
    Thanks micho !:):)


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