Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mamy it's over !

"peace be with you " the phrase which  fascinated me while I was watching "kingdom of heaven", for the second time .. my favorite movie actually . I watch it with all means . Saladin(Ghasan Masoud, the Syrian  actor) was an amazing personality I wish there is a man like him these days , a man who  really believes  in peace. The peace treaties which he used to make with the king of France in this movie  just make me think that  there were real  men at that time !!

The two were really sign of peace and what makes me proud that he is IRAQI ; what bothers me in this movie that I heard a phrase says " their prophet (our prophet Mohammed ) Allah's prayers  and blessings  be on him.. used to say to Muslims : obey!! " no Islam is not like this .. there is no verse in Quran says obey to what we don't understand .. and not we fully believe.. every person in Islam's point of view has the right to choose his religion and his way of life.. and Mohammed didn't make any one OBEY to Islam without the one's  full agreement and full mental power! Any way, I think this movie is one of few movies which show the real face of Islam. Saladin ; when he entered Jerusalem  (Al-Quds) he saw a cross layed on the ground , he held it and put it on a table (BTW, this is a fact and really had happened), I think people like him can make the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN in spite of the savage  weapons but at least they didn't use pernicious   tools of wars like nuclear weapons and chemical weapons . I see those weapons of coward men ! the men who have no courage to face their enemies…


They  were the relatives' days those two last days .. we went out to visit relatives to do some (family stuff). I got bored really bored , any street we go to is blocked every branch we want to pass through is closed ! it's like you are in prison … but what made  me laugh that if you drive in a hurry you are gonna be blamed by the soldiers in the checkpoints and if you drive slowly you are also goona be blamed by the same soldiers who are gonna  say to you " Are you walking on eggs ?? ( public expression ) .. hurry up !" hhh. Any way we arrived on my Jida's house (my grandmother's house) after an hour and a half  wandering in the Closed streets . the problem was they were smoking ALL the men there except my dad :D .. and that made my headache greatly increase .. I continued coughing since the first minute till the last one there .. my cousin ( Adbl Rahmaan ).. he is about 4 months old was crying , so my innocence and humanity  called  me :D .. I tried to make his father who is my uncle take a breath , so I was thinking of giving hand,hhh .. it's my pleasure actually :).. I love kids !!! but while Abdl Rahmaan was sitting on my legs .. he DID NOT stop looking at me !! as I'm his mother , can you believe ?? I didn't believe myself actually !people, I'm only 18 and SOME months years old ,hhh. Maybe my face made him feel like he is home ( in his mother's arms ) who knows?!..

I played with my sister (little one actually) today and that made my dad laugh at me and he said " Violet , you behave INNOCENTLY sometimes like kids " , he calls me "philosopher" though !!!


I finished my exams  ( there are others after holiday :D) .. I believe I did my best and tried to put my full power in it. Hopefully I'll make my family and me proud, and I always try to make anyone loves me proud of me .

To be honest I'm very sick . I have frontal sinuses ( it's due to an allergy  against chemical materials ) that makes  me be in a very annoying headache ! even I decided to go to a doctor the soon I can .

To spend more time with family  is my current aim . I usually watch TV with my little sister .. in fact I'm addicted to a cartoon called " shaun the sheep " I REALLY love it ..yesterday I watched another cartoon of Mr. bean ,it's my other favorite one :).

I don't know ,but something reminded me of Kadhim Al-saher's OLD songs ( which I greatly like more than his current ones ) I searched what I've got of his songs on my laptop and listened to them .. even I asked my dad if we have a CD of Abdl Haleem or Um kalthum .. hhhh.

That's enough guys for this time , stay safe till the next time I can be here:):) .

Kind wishes :)




  1. violet,
    inshalla intee bi khayr-
    mako ay shee aham min al health!
    Put yourself first once in a while!
    It was fun reading this post, and i understand how annoyed you are at the soldiers. I have quite a lot of kathem's songs, so if you want, i'll email whichever ones you like. :D
    oh, and as for cartoons, i like tom and jerry. hhhhh.
    best wishes, and love

  2. Hey girl...I'm not Cicily...I'm cicily's friend but i'm using her blog page because i don't have one. She talked to me about you because i'm from Mosul too but i live here in America. Well i miss mosul so much and dreaming to go visit and probably i will on march or april. Ok if you ever want to contact me please feel free to email me at
    Take care and be safe.

  3. I will have to see this movie, Violet :)

    The way you describe it, it sounds really good, lol.

    Anyway, I hope everything is okay for you.

  4. Touta,
    I like your English-Arabic combination of talking :D. thank you about your offer , it's really nice of you to say this:)..
    about the cartoons, After i published this post I saw my little sister watching tom and jerry , and said " oh, how the sky could i forget to mention it in my favorite cartoons"hhhhh.
    Thank you so much :), I appreciate your offer , and welcome to my blog ..if you want any help just consider send me a message to, i would be happy to help one from my beloved city:).... hopefully Mosul will see you in March :D.
    hhhh. yes it's a great movie:).. watch it if you have time, and also thank you :) .

  5. First of all, There is a kid inside everyone of us no matter who old are we. So just play whenever you feel like playing. :D

    I have not seen this movie but my friends criticized it the other day. I have to see it and wish I could find it at the market. :)

    It was a great post, Voilet. :)

    BTW, I will recommend you to watch "The Simpsons" from 7-8pm on Fox series. It's really funny.

  6. yes, BOOKISH the innocence is the most beautiful thing can a human have:)...
    first time i watched this film . i was fascinated by it.. I like historical movies, can't help it :).
    I'll try to watch the Simpsons , it looks cool:D:D

  7. YOu know what Violete, I miss that time when I finish my mid-year exams and what for the do what I planned for...

    the years of study are realy beautiful years, your post brought me alot of my memories that I have forget about..

    best wishes


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