Tuesday, December 09, 2008

That Imaginary Place…

I was doing nothing that Friday for a couple of hours .. So I decided to do something .. It's my love to the poetry again!!! I wrote this poem and want to give it to you as a gift for Eid ;or how the Baghdadis( people from Baghdad) call it (Eideya) or how the Meslawis( people from Mosul ) call it ( Eidaneya) hahaha, anyway I hope you turn off the lights around you and sit in a calm place when you read this poem for obtaining better results :D :D  

Me .. You and That Imaginary Place…

Me… I'm sitting here.. Near the fireplace , in front of a window…
It's cold and warm at the same time ..
Raining in the room and sunny outside!!!
just waiting A person to talk to…. No!!!
a simple word ..
Waiting a simple sound to listen…
A simple breath to breathe with ….
A Heart to be close to ….
Here… I feel alone .. Helpless …
I feel a body without a soul!!
A body who is suffering with respiring air..
Suffering with seeing things ..
Suffering with breathings fragrant of blooms ..
Suffering with going anywhere.…
The body… as been said..
And the soul has travelled to another place ..
Indefinite and hazy place …
A spot of land which is cloudless ..
Pure ….
From hating
Detesting …
From wars …
Anything defective …
frightful ..
Anyone wrongful.. And any child fearful..
Is this place is really on earth ??!!
Or my soul has just left me for nothing..
For no place …
For nobody!!!
And you ……..
Oh .. you !!!
What a distinct human??!! What a special pleasure??!!
What a soul that every moment I reach …
It comes near to my heart..
It controls my brain ..
It makes me feel with no affliction and no pain…
It takes my soul and runs away>>>
Leaves to that imaginary place …
With the ruins of mine!!
Ruins that need to be repaired ..
Ruins need to return to their real body..
Their real place…..
You know what????. I don't care!!!
My most important want …
My most urgent need ;…
Is to be with you ..
Is to breathe what you are breathing ..
Is to see the face that you are not seeing ..
Is to hear what you are whispering in my ear…
Is to feel your hands when they touch mine…
In fact that is my imaginary place ^^^……………despite  being on earth…. And despite being not that special place!!!…


I hope you enjoyed reading this poem, now you can turn the lights on, hahaha.
In the end ; I have a plea .. please!! anybody whom you have wrangled with for a long time .. I hope this is the time to forget anything bad and start from the begging .. the VERY bright beginning…   
And happy Eid for everybody!!!
Ms. Violet


  1. Hardly have I been touched by poetry, actually. :)
    I don't know, one should be smart to understand it and should be talented and so smart to write it.

    I did like how you ended it, very nice and meaningful words. You can have the happiest moments ever when you are with the people you want to be with...and surely it doesn't matter where.

    Thanks for Al-Eidaneya

  2. Wow Bookish .. Thank you so much for reading my poem.. and i'm so glad that you have been touched by it:).....although it has some vagues statements :D
    You are right.. the one can be the happiest person on earth , not for having a lot of money .. in fact for having great people that light up every single sad moment of his life..
    thank you again ..

  3. BTW, Bookish.. when you read it;were the lights on or off??.. never mind , i'm just kidding :D

  4. Hahaha
    Yes, they were off but it was still day when I read it. :)

    Is there any news about Dr.Mozahem Al- Khayat? I really felt so bad when I heard about the attack.

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