Friday, December 05, 2008

It's raining outside!!!

No it's sunny right now,:D … so sunny actually … but before few days it was raining hard  and I was really happy to see the rain .. I LOVE WINTER.. and I love watching the streets and the cars while it's raining:) :).. the rain is so good and it's a sign of happiness and goodness from ancient times .. so every time I see it rains , I wish it'll bring happiness and love for all IRAQ… 


You know what ?? I'm going to change my name into Ms. Flu and not Ms. Violet… I don't know what the matter with flu this year ??? it doesn't want to leave me.. seems it loves me , hahaha..

I was thinking of calling  this year; " The year of Flu", do you agree?


I was verrrry busy today. I had to help my mom in cooking .. we were preparing Kleicha actually .. it's the most famous sweets that MOST be prepared every Eid…I'm fasting today so  i can't wait!!  I want to eat it:D, I had too much fun making it , and we made also Pizza and Dolma .. Ohhhhh my favorite meal . it has a Turkish origin .. but here in Mosul we add our special touch!!! I REALLY love it.. so do you , right??


I haven't been in college since Tuesday.. I'm having a little rest before EID hahaha, I have too many studies to do but I don't have the mood to do 'em cuz I had enough those last days..

So I decided to do something useful.. cuz the only thing I hate is LAZINESS.. I  was determined to clean the garden I; I like garden work especially when I do it with my mom :):).. I cleaned it myself cuz I was home alone.. just like the movie "Home Alone".. it's cool movie , isn't it?.. anyway I didn't take so much time I cleaned  it with all means , hahaha.. so when my dear mom returned home I showed her  my work, and she said:" God bless your hand  my dear daughter!!", ( I'm not only good in my study, hahaha .. I'm kidding , guys!)oh you have no idea how much I was happy when I heard her saying that!!! I was waiting her say that actually :D ; cuz there is nothing is more important than your mother satisfaction to your job.. it's like the world is praising your work , hahaha.. God bless my mom.. and yours ,too.:):):) .


My grandma is so sick right now , I wish that she will be Ok soon… I really get too sad when I see someone old is suffering from his disease and pains . he was working hard all his life; and when it's time to get some rest .. they have diseases and have to suffer from pains .. it's so much pity , isn't it? .. God , please guide me to help everyone in need !!!


I have too many problems with people  when they try to understand me, I'm a simple girl ( nobody wants to believe that though).. I love life and want to make it a special , for me and for everybody around me :) :)…

I was in a wedding party that Wednesday.. I had too much fun .. can you imagine ?? the bride is 18 years old just like me , hahaha.. In fact we were in the same primary school, I wish her happiness ( and I wish happiness to the groom too).. please don't get upset with me :D:D…

Finally ,

كل عام وانتم بألف بألف بألف خييييييييييييييييييييير والله ايعيدو عليكم بالخير و السلامي...

That was a greeting for Eid from me in Meslawi… hehe

Take care all of you .. and try to forget every bad thing .. and forgive anybody who has hurt you the end.. Islam wants us to do that , right?

Your friend,

Ms. Flu ... no i'm kidding..

Ms.Violet :D


  1. "I'm going to change my name into Ms. Flu "
    What's wrong with you. Aren't you taking medicine to stop it?

    I really feel so high when it rains. It washes the city and refreshes the air..and when the sun comes out again, everything feels fresh and clean.

    I don't like Dolma but almost smelling your Pizza. ;)
    (I am fond of Pizza).

    Wish your grandmother would be ok soon.....And finally, hope you and your family a happy and safe Eid. :)

  2. hehe, great post, and the only thing i love is laziness!! :D
    eid saeed from baghdad. lots and lots of love, touta

  3. It is supposed to be the rainy season here in California, Violet, but we have just been getting lots of fog instead, LOL. So much that it is difficult to see in the morning.

    I love the rain too. In the Summer and fall, we have many months of straight sunshine. That changes in the winter though :)

    I would love to try Iraqi foods, but I have not had the honor yet, haha. Twice I have visited a mosque for Friday prayers, and I tried a couple different dishes popular with Muslims :D

  4. Oh my god,i cant stop thinking about dolma,really it has a different taste in mosul.i hope ur gma will enjoy eid in a healthy state.dont you think that this girl is young to get married?
    god bless you that's for your sneeze :).
    happy eid

  5. Bookish, I'm taking medicines but there is no result!!! ( no I'm kidding , I feel I'm better today ).I feel the same when it rains ; even I feel it clears human beings from hating and detesting :),
    Oh, really you don't like Dolma!!! , anyway Pizza is awesome too !! especially when there is a lot of mushrooms on it ..
    Thank you very much about wishing that for my grandma:) , I hope that too :).
    And Eid Mubarak for you and all your family.
    Hi girl , how are you doing ?
    Do you want the truth? I spend these few days in sleeeeeeeping :D:D:D
    Take care and Happy Eid for you and your family:)..and how much you have sent love, I send you more:)
    Iraqi foods are sooooo great!!! I hope that you will taste them some day:).. and especially my city's foods, haha

    Good to see you on my blog:)
    Thank you for wishing that for my Grandma , and you are right ;here the Dolma is SPECIAL!!
    I think that too, this girl is too young for getting married , but I couldn't do anything , hahaha
    God bless you too whenever you sneeze :D

    Ms. Violet.

  6. Very sorry, a comment has been deleted mistakely..


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