Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Human Angel

An angel looks like a human … lives on earth , lives as all we  live on this beautiful planet .. was born as all we were born, eats , drinks, goes to work, was  going to school and college like us.. or neither  school nor college . Sacrifices are his hobby and interest . in fact it's his nature since the beginning of humanity  and God  has created him to be such a beautiful, genteel  and nice creature. Love, care … are the most important things in his life … listening to our problems is his job and his duty is to solve them… when we get depressed he tries to comfort us . when we are in trouble all he does is to save us .. all his solicitude is to make us happy and  glad. From a far distance we see that angle like any human … in fact there is nothing can tell us that he is an angel or someone  that special  but he is an angle indeed …

Haven't you known who is that person yet ??!!!

That person is THE MOTHER .. that genial  and tenderhearted woman. No one – whatever he does – can't and will not be able to thank her  or give her a simple part of her love towards  us …. Maybe you have heard about the fraternal love , the love between a woman and a man or even the love of a father towards his children … all those are  true and  great  but can't be equal to the motherly love not by any way or at any time…

The mother is the cause of our being alive  not just for giving us birth but for her care and unique personality that   makes us drown with  every single moment and by every  simple great behavior from her  and even when she blames us for doing something wrong  – if we didn't understand what is the purpose of that reproach- we'll understand it sooner or later and at that time we'll wish that she is near us and watches what she has taught and  we hope that she will be proud of us for following her example  . Maybe that is the only way to thank her and give back even a simple fraction of  her infinite love.

By her unique humanistic nature makes our life just much better  than if we were living it without her 

Actually no one can estimate her precious value unless he loses her or when she is far away from him  living in other country for example and this case can be proved by persons who live far away from their homes … there are many  people in this world just can't live their lives properly without their very dear mothers , her beautiful voice when she calls the one's name  or just those persons  wither- like a flower on its way to the end of its life -if she doesn't cover them  with the bed cover as she used to do or they just can't breathe without her gentle care when they  get sick and when she spends whole nights looking after them or or or…. Those things seem so simple and even when you read them you don't think they are that precious.. but as I said above we don't know what's the real value of a thing unless we lose it.

There is  an adage  says that "behind every great man there is a woman "… I completely agree with that saying; of course not for being a woman but history of humanity has proved this by very strong evidences  … even if she is not  his wife or the woman whom he loves ;but she must be his mother..

I'll mention some cases that strengthen my earlier saying : First  example is Bill Gates,   his mother had a very important role in arranging his life.

The second: Imam Al shafe'e one of the most important and greatest jurisprudents in history of Islam . He was from a very poor family, his mother was so persistent to learn him ; even he didn't have enough money to buy papers since it was so expensive at that time … his mother was very careful to had him learned she used to buy bones from butchers to supply her child with the means of writing and she kept saying to him " it's not a shame my son ; you are learning there is no shame in getting knowledge " , even she sent him to the  most eloquent  tribe of Arabs at that time  to learn the poetry and he didn't disappoint her he returned knowing par core – as Frenchman  says-  10000 verses and then became so famous personality  in history of Islam .

Whenever I respect and put a very high tribute for all the faithful mothers who take this responsibility seriously and try to make their children be in place of pride.

Try to listen to: Mama mia- ABBA + La mama - Connie Francis

May God bless and save your dear mothers and mine too…

My Regards;





  1. "There is an adage says that "behind every great man there is a woman "… "

    hi violet
    how r u?
    i think the above phrase must be "behind evey great person there is a great person" ... women r not the shadow of great men, the history tells us about great women, then who behind them??

    accept me as a freind


  2. Firstly :Welcome Y.H.A to my blog.

    Secondly: I respect your opinion very much and I believe you are right; it is not necessary to be a woman to have a role in making a good person but it might be a man who behind a great woman.. I mentioned that adage to strengthen my respect towards faithful mothers who have a great role in making their children's life just better… that's all.. nothing more nothing less and that doesn't mean I don't respect the man's role in making life better.

    Thank you.

  3. Oh as i see, you are doing great with writing sis, i am happy for you. i missed being here indeed,i have not come for a long time. as you know, i started school, and my way has really taken its steps towards the last days. the only thing that pleases me is that it is the last year. i wil join college, and change the strategy, and surely for better.
    i love sis, and miss you. thaks for asking about me from time to time. thanks so much. you are not only a friend, not only a sister, but someone greater than expected.
    I liked your post so much, and i agree, women are the best.
    hahaha, ok , what my dad will say? he will get upset? maybe, hahaha
    ok ok ,i dont care, if i was a boy, i would do things and maybe i would be happier than now, but maybe not. i am just so happy to be in my place now with all my thoughts and my needs.
    you always bring nice and rare subjects, take your space, you are a person here.
    and i have to say that i am happy becuase i am sitting on this chair , writing to you..
    Be safe..

  4. Thank you Haiaty Sandybelle for this (SOOOOO) nice comment … I love you too sis soo much and I'm ready to help you with everything I can do and at every time … there is no need to thank your sis(me) for asking about you and how r u doing it's my duty… hahaha.

    Although I respect the great women in history of humanity but at the same time I cherish every great man's role who had made a great participation in making the life of human beings just much better.. but don't worry I'm like you I'm proud of being a woman and I'm looking forward for more ; you don't have to be a boy to make a difference …
    Thank you again sis;


  5. Violet,

    You are doing a great job. Your posts truly come from your heart, and this one was no exception :) congragualtions and please, keep writing.

    I really like your environmental news bar you added to the side of blog. I am honored to link to you on my blog...we may be on opposite sides of the world, but all of us can work together to make it a better place.


  6. C.H.;

    You are extremely right.. it's not necessary to be at the same place to make a difference in this world ; people should forget their differences and start to cooperate with each other to make this world a better place …

    By the way .. thank you C.H... it is so nice to say so.

  7. Ummm..It's wrong to say "behind every great man there is a woman "

    We have to say "behind every man there is a great woman"

    Nice post.


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