Thursday, October 16, 2008


Hi guys and girls ( and don't get upset please: I'll mention women , men, children, mothers and fathers too and all the people ) how are you doning?? I hope everybody here is having a nice day .. I'm soo happy to write this  post to show my feeling..  this is the first time I write personally here in my blog cuz I used to tell subjects that are not talking  about me…


Guys I'm soo happy to be a blogger and show my thoughts here to you my dear readers ; and I'm amazed by your blogs and the posts that you have published there… I'm greatly respect your thoughts and I read your posts  by  a great pleasure too. I think this is a beautiful community ( bloggers' community) that I  experience  it for a first time .. there is no need to travel  to different countries to see how people think there;  by a simple click from your mouse you can travel wherever you want ( by visiting the blogs of others) ..


The idea of blogging pleases  me so much. I used not to show my ideas for public in the past but I have an extra pleasure to show them now..

Guys ( and the whole group that I have mentioned above )thank you very much for reading my posts and thank you more for leaving me your beautiful comments…


May God bless us all.

Your friend ,



  1. We are happy to have you here with us Violet, blogging is a nice thing, it realy helps you to have the will to communicate and discuss with other people, from a nother world.
    keep bloging girl and thank you for letting us sharing your feelings

  2. Thank you Micho for leaving me this comment... and with nice bloggers like you i will be happy to continue blogging..

  3. Yes, It's nice to have a blog. I will be glad to read what you write here.

    Keep writing.

  4. Bookish,

    It's a great pleasure to me to receive comments have been left by a blogger from my beloved city....
    I'll do my best to write posts that interest my readers.

    Stay safe,


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