Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A dusty day

a dusty view of garden , I insisted to make those
 rod of the window visible
in order to look like a prison 
Okay I woke up yesterday at 3:00 pm as I slept till 6:00 am .. I expected to see a suuny sky with ocean's blue color , But with sorrow I saw so many dust here and there :(
OMG , I even began to sneeze and cough , too many small markets closed today , I didn't go outside as usual with 0 gained experience today !

speaking about sleep , I have not experienced that something called " sleep over " with any one of my friends , I barely  slept in my grandma's house for once and I spent the night missing mom and crying  !
I insisted to go back home as soon as possible , I see myself different from them totally ... and I don't feel like to spend the night with any one of my friends , and I even try to think about it !...
The only other room I can sleep in it , Is my future Husband's  ;) 
returning to dust all the Mobilya in the house get dusted with ugly expression , all my exhausting work the day before yesterday gone with the wind .. 
Speaking about experiences , I'm planning to visit hospital with some friends , giving some new low financial level  moms all stuffs they need for postpartum period .. I can't tell if I can attend but at least I have the intention :) ..
BTW these sand storm called " God's anger "

pray for me 

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