Thursday, September 01, 2011


I can remember that winter day when I was taking a rest from study, back in 2001 or something.. Watching a show called rainbow presented by Yeradu Korkorian or something!  at 2nd channel of Syrian T.V   .. Where all the respected and high educating and entertaining shows were presented.. okay okay ..! Now I'll get into the story!  it was the first time when I knew the boy band " westlife " it was Bob Bob Baby .. I was moving my lips with the words they were saying just like I had listened it  for 1000 times … as usually I was enchanted by the theme of the song in the nineteenth century where  a devil man wanted to marry  arbitrarily   a young lady who loves another guy . He was the vilest man in the kingdom and her greedy father had made this marriage for pure  cash!
Only the mighty musketeers (Westlife members: Shane, Bryan, mark, Nicky, kain )  could save her but the devil man had prisoned them in a filthy dungeon so it  seemed to be no hope to save her!
Hedged by the naivety of mixed feeling of Adolescence and childhood I believed everything in this song and I was sunk in the dreams of the knight of the dreams!
And I wonder by the year of 2011 if I get rid of this tommyrot  , some of us  never change !

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