Sunday, September 11, 2011

Grape seed oil and skin care

Grape seed oil:
1- light yellow-green  color 
2-  nearly no odor or slightly weaker than  that of olive oil.
3- contains many fatty acids including two essential fatty acids Linoleic(omega 6)  and Oleic .
4- free of cholesterol , Increases HDL(Good fat)  and decreases LDL(Bad fat ) , it lowers the fat circulatory harmful effects, So it's a good news for the "Hamburger" and the "Baja "addicted  people.
5- It has soothing effect, anti irritating, anti swelling ,moistening  effect when used it’s a good news for those who have stretch marks and black hallow circles under their eyes , as the grape seed oil is nearly completely benign and suitable for using under the sensitive  and thin area under the eyes.
6- It contains what's called procyanidolic oligomers PCO , which are stronger by 20 times than Vitamin C and E , it's also a good news for people complaining from stretch marks , as its help to form collagen.
7- Rich in ploy phenol which is an antioxidant has good reputation for slowing the process   of aging  .
8- It doesn’t leave greasy feeling , as it's rapidly and effectively absorbed by skin (Skin friendly) .
9- It has an ultra violet protecting feature! 
More and More!
You can use it topically as I said above or put it with salads in vicinity to the olive oil. 

Tips for keeping your skin healthy and shining - I'm not a fully graduated doctor till now, but I have gained these info from reading a lot of worthy and trusted reference- : 

1- DONOT bath a lot per week or many times a day , as the soaps and their chemical materials like alcohol are the most important cause of dryness of your skin.
2- Have a weekly bath in a tub containing milk, honey and grinded oat, or make this mixture as a cream using it before taking a bath.
3- The mosquito repellent cream or lotion has many chemical martials drying your skin, so pay attention !
4- Anoint your skin after bathing ,drying your body with a towel ..with  olive and grape seed oil .
5- Keep the cosmetics AWAY from your face skin , it cause wrinkles instead of fixing them .

P.S, Grape seed oil can be given as capsules as well 

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