Sunday, July 17, 2011


This is  not caught by me , I've found it on the net :)


  1. this photo take from over Qalet castle
    i visited Erbil first time for this

  2. That reminds me of Downtown Dubai ;)
    I'm so into Dubai!!
    Yesterday, I saw a program in Alarabiya Channel called Fi Almak3 presented by Mahira, it is about economics and such stuff.. but this episode was in Kurdstan! She came from Dubai to Erbil to see the development there.. it was great but the thing she doesn't know that we are much better! because we spent 80 billion dollar to fix electricity but we failed and didn't get it!
    Well, with 80 billion, we could have built 11 Burj Khalifa!!! Burj Khalifa's cost is almost 7 billion.
    After all, thank God we live in Iraq!

  3. you can watch the episode here:


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