Thursday, July 14, 2011

Complement to something I've said before !

God ,  I can't live here any more , this is what she said to me !
I passed high school thinking no one thinks as I think, or my brain and what it contains out of their awareness !
I have never tested aldoscence in high , there was  no enviroment suitable for this !
so thoughts of mine were out of my age , always aware but having no expirament in life
and I finished it filling my innocnet brain with rosy ideas about college and how enlightened student would be !
dreamy thoughts about sharing ideas , thinking , planning , making friends ... UNfoutuonatley all of them sent to my heart's hell!
it's a blot for a girl to think ...
to share thoughts ...
to say what she hates .. what she loves ....
to make thing , thing she believe in this life ..!
It's okay - sorry for the expression- is she was like that animal runs in a circuit , round round and round then died doesn't know what she was doing that , doesn't know why she died !
P.S these thoughts of unknown  her

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  1. For a while, I thought college will be great opportunity to prove your self, especially if you are studying what you really keen on, give as much as you have and do it perfectly! I also thought the teachers will be so reasonable and helpful.. but I've changed my mind! We AREN'T changeable and especially people of Mosul! They think it is too late to learn anything! Computers or Internet for example.. they don't have a desire to learn how to use them while they are admiring the other world achievements, the achievements they have done by new technology stuff! And also they are not hopeful at all, they close all doors in your face, they always tell people to accept the reality but NOT to change it! I refuse our reality and I refuse there ideas.. I think hope and faith is a basic role of everything, I will always be hopeful no matter what.. I love Dan Brown's quote:
    "Every thing is possible; the impossible just takes longer".



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