Thursday, July 21, 2011

before dawn

Ah God , Is there magical power in this piece ?
Thanks from  the heart to the soul who has introduced it to  me hear it at the first place :) ,


  1. Hello tuan, saya telah dikaitkan web yang bagus anda, supaya anda boleh link blog saya?Saya berharap anda tidak keberatan ...
    ini adalah blog saya

    nasib baik

  2. Before the Golden Sun Rise,may the magic of dis Ed Ul-Fitr
    bring lots of happiness in your life
    with patient and Love...

    Let me decorate each of the Rays Of Violet with Wishes of Success,
    prosperous and Happiness
    4 Your and 4 your Family.

    From unknown friend

  3. thanks dear sir, happy eid to you ,too.


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