Sunday, August 22, 2010

When I'll be alive?


Who has said , Iraq Is a hell is not wrong at all !
all people are not ready to change , all of them are not even trying to forgive each other and forget the past !
all are eating the flesh of all !

how you can live in a place , every thing is a matter of killing and blood?
You can't breath an air , and if you do so , your lung will be filled with gunpowder and God knows what's else!
And Iraq still doesn't have government !
hahaha , and sorry for those hahahas , I'm Iraqi and every body sees me and hears the word Iraqi in an air port for example  would check me and get afraid if I'm Alibaba or something!
I'm not a human , people ...
yes , you people all around the world ... listen UP!!
Iraqis are not humans , they are devoid of any right , they have nothing to do in their lives and their lives aren't WORTHY!
If 60 Iraqis as minimum are killed by a bomb in Baghdad and , it's not a big deal and if some Americans or Europeans  killed it's all the deal!
i don't know what's the difference between us and them ?!
would anybody read here make a fave. and tell me?!
they have brains , we do
they have hearts and feelings , we do
they have families and children , WE DO!!
they have value , WE DON"T !
don't laugh at us and say you have democracy and other don't , coz frankly it is n't working !

SOoO , when I'll smell the Lavender and play violin?
SOoO, when I'll be Alive?

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  1. There are people who still remember Iraq, not everyone has forgotten you all.

    It's tragic how things have gone, but there is always hope.


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