Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I wish I have NOT returned !

Ah God,

It's the first time i breathe an air that doesn't contain killed people blood.. doesn’t contain hit men's breaths

It's first time I feel I'm alive , I'm human …

Mockingly I have this feeling outside my country , which I love/hate more than anything else.

I returned yesterday morning, and after return I entered  into a deep depressing chaos !

I don't want to live here any more …!

I hoped that after I return I'll see Iraq's government will be established!

And nothing has happened but murders and blood!

When we will live like humans ?

When I will have that right to walk in the street with no need for somebody to protect me ?

When I will have the right to act , wear, dream , talk and aspire freely with no fear only from my God?!

When I will see hospitals are clean?

When I'm going to see mosul is clean?

When I will see my collage is on of the best in the world as it's used to be?!!

سُحقا لكل من يريد تدمير معنويات الناس وأحلامهم

سُحقا لكل من يتربص بالناس الفرص ، للايقاع بهم وقتلهم من دون اية ذنب!

سُحقا للمهمشين الذي يظهرون فجأة ويختفون كالصراصير التي تحاول نثر براثنها القذرة في عقولنا

لعنهم الله واخزاهم ، وحفظنا شهرهم

I'm planning to write again in my blog"يالله عيني سولفلنا",

I thank new followers who have joined violet for peace in my absence …

And I wish you Happy, blessed Ramathan :)


  1. haaaa, where did u go doktora viola?

    best wishes for ramathan hababa :D

    keep writing and smiling!

  2. Well, I'm passing through the same way you do! I DON'T want to live in Iraq any more.. I say to my self sometimes.

    Hope you had fun in your trip.
    Ramadan Kareem

    P.S.: I think I know you this time but I am NOT going to tell you how!

  3. Touta,
    Glad to see you here

    Thanks my freind:)

    No one wants to keep living here ... it has turned to a hell!

    there is nothing proves who i'm
    And no problem!
    I have nothing to hide !
    But i feel curiousto know how you might know who I'm ...
    Any way


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