Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Would you give me a second chance!

Well ,

Why when I decide to settle down , and act calm …

Everybody accuses me : " you are not okay "

People have got used to my bad temper .., and my moods which change every second

Believe me.. I've grown up !

I'm not that spoiled girl !

I'm not that complaining little baby ..

I know what I want now ..

And I've decided what is my destination !

Why people never give you a second chance !...

I hate'em all … all I care about is me and people I love !

That's it!

see this


  1. believe me dear.. i can totally relate to your situation,
    I'm also in a state where I no longer care what others think about me, I only care about my own perception and that of my loved ones,, otherwise I'm living my life how I please, I suggest you do the same,,
    life's too short to be anyone but yourself
    ~ take care =)

  2. Welcome , welcome my dear Hanan!
    Thanks for ur comment dearie :)

    I'm struggling in a battle called "life"

    thanks again^_^


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