Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Women in Mosul part#1

My city , is Mosul as you know

A big city located in the north of Iraq , it has so many traditions and they are religion conserving ,

About all the things here are forbidden to be done , or nearly are forbidden !

Not because of religion .. it's because of their tiny heads and brains

The city , and its people it's not opened to the world .. and not ready to contain any new thoughts and views ..\

The woman here is like a machine , her duty is to work , making food, cleaning home and raising Childs !

If she ever thinks to think or to try to see where she is and what is her purpose in life , it's got punished if not physically … psychologically !

The society here is not poised to include woman , and it considers here like a forbidden thing they even call her "Hurma" !

They've a little developed these last 40 years , so they gave the woman the ability and the right to work "out side the house" LOL!

And this so-called equality to man , not added to her anything but fatigue and bitterness .

And anything bad happened to their children and house , ll the responsibility is thrown upon her back!


  1. Well, I think I am not with you because not all the families look like your description! Many of people are educated but they are less then the people who are not opened to the world. And about the word "Hurma".. One of the disgusting words ever! And they have developed only in silly stuff !


    P.S.: I'm too lazy to log in.

  2. OMG peace !
    If not all family look like what i descriped, the society does!
    I hate the word hurma more than you CERNAINLY! ~~
    development doesn't fit people kill each other .. hate each other and can't live peacefully like normal people!
    it took them nearly 4 months to make elections LOL! how the heaven they are developped !

    Thaks you peace !
    you have the right not to login !
    This day is not normally boring:(


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