Monday, July 19, 2010

Only for Doctors

Only for doctors or surgeons

It's the first time , i talk about my profession or post a post about it !


  1. I'm NOT a doctor ! so I won't open that link but I did ! :)

  2. Welcome , welcome dear peace :)
    I was really frustrated and i needed a comment on my blog :(

    May be you will be a doctor someday , what do you think ? ;)

  3. I had that dream a few years ago.. but maybe it will come true some day.

  4. If you want not to be a doctor ,believe yourself and do what you imagine yourself to do !
    me myself ...
    since early childhood i was dreaming to be a doctor and never ever imagined my self to be another thing !
    except to be a famous artist (painter) of course ;)
    The people think .. medicine profession is easy .. but it is not!
    you must have the aim to study it
    well, aim is the most important thing to study and to any thing i think

    so if you want to be an architect .. get ready , get set and go
    in case you trust your big sister(me)advice ^_*

  5. hey
    so nice web I liked it
    btw I'm a dentist

  6. hey
    so nice web I liked it
    thank u
    btw I'm a dentist

  7. Hey Krazy K
    Glad to see you here ,
    come and visit me ,soon :)


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