Friday, June 25, 2010

Is this good or bad?

What I hate the most ; when I'm stuck in the middle of opposite opinions , opposite ideas , opposite Views…and that is my usual state

My personality has the ability to include every idea, Truly I listen but not for changing  my mind but for making the other feel comfort and say what is in his/her heart !

And that at the same time make me very tired ! exhausted (precisely)…. I've got enough from listening … I'm exhausted till the last breath !

And maybe that point makes many people feel comfort talking to me , and have the Capability of speaking without restrictions

At the same time I have no ability to speak what I'm thinking or suffering , my friend says this is a noble act form me  and only few people have this ability to do this ..

Is that right??

The problem I can't change this characteristic !!

When my life is for rent , and i don't learn to buy, when i deserve nothing more than i get , nothing i have is truely mine!!

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