Saturday, June 12, 2010

Broken Heart!

When I get depressed , I resort to my blog!that's  why I post here nowadays too much , for an average 3 posts per day!
It's like saying myself to myself but world widely !
how naive that feeling  really is ?
I've got through a love story of another kind!
I used to love every person ,my heart was able to include all the people all over the earth !!
But I've got injured !
I don't know if I'm  over reacting  , or I don't know life well so I've got depressed and frustrated like this !
Or I just an alien and don't know how much human beings are mean !
Now, I hate all the people !
All the people >>!
All that love has turned to hate and antipathy!
God, I will resort to you only you will guide me …
I trust you and I believe you …
And you do know what is me, and what is my intention !!

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