Friday, March 05, 2010

What Kind of Life ?! Can any body answer me?

What kind  of test this year is?
I've got through so miserable days…
So many embarrassing situations
And I'm still alive!
I've found such a very special friend lately , and she is like a copy of mine , but there is no one like me in the whole universe ^_*, any way …
The elections are  on the way , but I have not decided who to elect ,yet!
I  feel they are all bad people , and want to steal money from the us and Iraq!
The oil that must make us live like Emperors ! instead we live as less than Africa !
Ah, God !
They are all the same , and they promise to elevate the type of services !
There is no services for the sake of God!
nobody promise to lessen the killing of Iraqis !
The eviction of Christians from their own homes!!
What kind of life is this !?
My friend who I have mentioned above Is Christian ,she  has  had to leave  her house with her family!
What kind of crime they have done to receive such a punishment !??!
More than being Christians!?!
Ah, God I miss her so!
The situation of Iraq is going to be worse , I admit it!and I ensure it!
I'm waiting the End of days soon… and then God then will establish peace  by his own way , without these liers !!!

Prayers of peace

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  1. I hope that you can translate this. My name is joey and I live in America.I read your blog and I think you are very smart and seem very troubled. I guess it must be very difficult having your homeland threatened by America all the time. I want you to know that most of the American people do not want a war with your country. We only want to raise our families and live peacefully. I write a newsletter called The Weekly Stash (
    I try to expose the United States government for it's lies. See, most of the rest of the world believes that in America we are free. That is not true. They are shutting down websites and taking people to jail for telling the truth. We have more freedom than most but it is mostly a lie. The government of the United States tortures people, invades contries that have done nothing to warrant it and is at this very moment restricting the rights of it's citizens to speak out. As speaking for most of the people I know, we the people of America do not wish the Iranians such as yourself any harm. It is our government NOT us. They are out of control. We are trying to work to get our rights back and to let the government know that we want no more war.
    I hope that your vote did some good in your coming elections. I will be reading your blog more often to see how you are doing. I hope that you are safe and that your family and those you love are safe as well. If you require any news from America, you can become a member of my website and get informed.
    All blessing be upon you.


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