Thursday, September 17, 2009

That simple line

 The happiness I seek all my life ..
It has no a specific definition ! with whom … how … where .. when … I don't know .. all I know is to feel it someday ~ to feel something I missed here .. I don't have it .. yes , I won't
There is a simple, thin  line  separates between geniality and foolishness.. this is what I am this
where I am .
Sometimes I feel having the brain capable capable of ruling  the world , but others I see I'm the most stupid human beings that ever born on earth!

Sometimes a simple thing , a silly thing .. a corny thing that may happen with you at any time …. Can make you cry … make you shut your mouth for a second and just think what it's your purpose ??!?!?
Why you are here ?? and why you are you??
You finishes shutting your mouth and then return to your life .. faking that you have not lived that second … pretending you have not thought of that … pretending you're strong and you don't have to live those silly moments ! … believe me .. you are living them every second , every breath , every time !
Feel this second now  , and then tell me what happened , and what did  you conclud?



  1. Salams dear..
    If i counted all the "seconds" in which i felt dumb/foolish I would probably have zero self-confidence now =)
    but I think it's during that "second" that you actually become stronger -even if it doesn't seem so at the moment-
    ~inshallah violet your day of happiness will come.. soon =)

  2. Dear Monalisa,
    "I would probably have zero self-confidence now =)"

    hhhhhh, If i would to :))

    Thanks sweetie for your nice warm words :)


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