Wednesday, August 19, 2009

To be A fool

Do you know what is the toughest feeling ??

Is to bunt a wall called the real life

Is to find you were a fool

A real fool !!!

And the hardest that

All these years ,,, they were right ,, and you were WRONG !!!!!!

To be committed to your pride and refuse to acknowledge that you are wrong is awful ,,, AWFUL!!


Nineveh Hotel is now back in business,,,

It's so cool .. inside it I forgot I'm in Iraq ..

listening to music performed by a guitar guy is so heavenly !!

More over he performed a song of Abd alhaleem !!!

I'll try to upload a video of the performance here ,,


Ah, I remembered… I'm reading a book so cool … It attracts you involuntarily! Written by : Ahlam mistghanmi ., " Nisyan com "

Ah, yes.. it's no time and my blog's birthday will come ... so i'm happy to have a wonderful year here :)

Stay safe ,, till next time


  1. :O i feel elated. there is beauty in Iraq, and you show it very well.

    bosat. :*

  2. Oh, my dear touti

    I miss you so much

    i feel elated of your visit here wilich , thank you :X

  3. Blog on Hababah Viola and always jump quickly between your items such as this wonderful jump from the fool story to Nisyan com via Nineveh Hotel.


  4. Khalid,
    I always jump here and there trying to collect million thoughts in one post !!

    P.S you forgot to mention my blog's brirthday hhh

    thank you

  5. لابد من وجود الجمال مهما كان ..
    في البداية كان هذا عتاب لنفسج؟
    أن تصل متاخراً خير من ألا تصل ..
    والمهم أنه الخطأ يتعدل والواحد يتجاوز الأنفة والتكبر ..

    تحياتي إلج ولكل صامد بالعراق الحر إن شاء الله

  6. زهرة

    المشكلة اللي قلبة طيب يضل أحمق

    شكرا الج
    وتحياتي للعراقين الصامدين خارج العراق أختي العزيزة

  7. Happy Birthday Violet for Peace Blog!

    sorry I am so late in saying it.



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