Friday, August 07, 2009

Not a professional

After 4 days of practicing; this was the result :

I'm just an amateur now so I'm not going to hear voices say : Well-done !

It was valued by a professional artist , He found it nice but does have the same tone of shadows no matter what the material was, such as the metal or cloth behind it .

He critiqued me not to be afraid of shadows and dead zones in the still live state …

first day I was un able to hold the pen properly and don't know how is the perfect way of drawing position , I have not changed the way I hold it from the bottom , even the pro said : " **** you insist to hold the pencil by this way!!" , I replayed.. pro Omar , please don’t blame me.. I don't hold pen but for writing and authoring poems the last 10 years ! ..

he asked me what college I attend , and wanted me to discuss the difference between the skull of female and male hhhh trying to test me in Anatomy !

Okay , I see it's fine after years of not holding pencil but for exams !

See ya !


  1. Viola Hababah, Congratulations!
    It looks good for a start.

    Take care,

  2. i do not know enough about art to make a valid judgemen, but it seems to me that if you are that competent so quickly you will be a fine artist, along with being a fine doctor, quite an achievement. Do you know Albrecht Durer's "Hand"? Will you eventually try oil painting? I hope so ... stay the course, blow a kiss to the moon ...

  3. Hello Violet,

    It looks quite good to me. Keep on practicing and I'm sure you will soon be very good at it.

    Good luck. :)

  4. very nice violetta , better than my attempts, you are smart sweetie. kisses for you

  5. كلش حلو عاشت إيدج .. آني أتفق وية المعلقين أنه بعد شوية وتصيرين فنانة رسمياً :)
    تحياتي إلج ولفنج ولدراستج ولمدينتج .. وابتسمي تبتسم لك الحياة :)

  6. hi voilet ,
    It is a good start as I see , keep training


  7. Khalid,
    I'm glad to see you here as always :)

    Thank you , i've finshed the course now an i'm so happy to do that :)

    My dear bro
    soooooooo happy to see you here
    Thank you and good luck for you ,too ;)


    شكرا لنصيحتج يا وردة يا زهورة
    اشكرج من كل قلبي

    Thank you my dear ,, i feel so good to have you here as a reader and a friend :)


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