Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mixed Feeling after along while


I'm about to suicide !

Nothing is worthy and nothing pleases me ! NOTHING !

I feel I'm prisoned if I stay at home for few hours ,, actually I feel prisoned in this city or in  this country … or on  this spot of land !

I don't know but can't express my feeling about this ,,

Last Friday it was my sister's Nishan(it's one of the wedding  steps here in Iraq),, It was so cooool and in the best place all over Mosul we had managed the party!

I'm so happy for her and I'm so sad at the same time and ofcourse you know why ?LOL!


I think just before a week we've been in Duhok , it was a nice trip not to the summer resorts but to the down town(i think It's called howler)  ,, the hotels were all full and we barely found a motel to sleep in !

I wished we went to Erbil coz I LOVE it and I feel  it's like I'm in Baghdad which I have never seen it yet,, leaving you with some photos :

One of the bridges there , holding the election Portraits


taken form the back window of the hotel 

Shandoukha resturant 

On the road back to Mosul 

Hint: I'm the last one  who might think to  suicide  ,, At least I don't think to die until I achieve the purpose behind my being on earth.

More over suicide  is forbidden in Islam ! 

Pray for me ;),,, BYE! 



  1. Hey,

    Just wanted to say that your blog is very interesting :)
    I'm kind of new to blogspot and I want to make some Iraqi friends. Hope you don't mind :)
    take care

  2. Dear Viola,

    Welcome back!

    Congratulations on the engagement of your sister!

    It's good that you spent some time in Erbil and I hope you try to go to لآaghdad or to another city for a change before the start of the new academic year.


  3. Viola I meant Baghdad go there for some weeks or just try going to the country side for some rest and respite.

    A 2nd Salam and please don't disappear again,

  4. BP

    Hey وعليكم السلام رحمة الله وبركاته

    صدك جذب!!!

    مية الهلا والمرحبا بيج
    I'm happy to be the first of your friends here and I promise to pay your blog a visit(s) :)

    BTW, your name is so coool :)

    بالمهلي والله
    Thanks so much ,I ALWAYS appreciate your nice visits and comments here on my blog :)

    I'll try not to disappear :D

  5. violet,

    wilich hai shenooooooo.

    hope you enjoy the rest of your summer, but don't leave us without posts. :D

    best wishes, and take care.
    As for Baghdad, its nothing like Erbil. :)) inshalla one day. :P

  6. Hello Violet,

    I'm also suffering from severe depression now and spending most of my time sleeping and doing nothing! So I feel for you :(

    Congrats on your sister's nishan.. I had a feeling you were not pleased at all though.. I was wanting to greet you but was lacking the courage :D

    Good luck dear.

  7. Touta,
    Are you trying to make me cry or something?:D by saying " As for Baghdad, its nothing like Erbil. :)) inshalla one day. :P"

    Shukran haiati :) best wishes for you ,too XxX

    Oh, you are here ;)...
    I hope our depression finds an end at the end ... may be at the very end LOL !
    yes, i blamed mama for not telling me which one was you... but i could recognize you saying " yemkn shefta el hai el bnt bl mutamayzat " hhhhh

    "you were not pleased at all though"

    hhh, why ?

    God bless you sweetie and all the best ;)

  8. Violet the pictures are beautiful. I know that the troops have pulled out and are now just in the countryside, my Iraqi friend told me this. How are things in your city Mosul are they getting better for you, I hope you don't mind me asking, I know that you and many many Iraqi's have suffered because of this stupid war and I am just hoping that things will get better for you!

  9. Umm dear I am always here :D

    Maybe you'll find me in the video.. Look for me in the first row, wearing red, and probably trying to read the model of the camera! :D and no I did not mention Al-Mutamaiezat ;)

    I felt you were not pleased because I failed to detect any smile, or an intention to smile :D

  10. Enjoy every moment Violetta!!

    life is shorter than we expect, no mintute should be lost in feeling bored, lol.

    lots of love, kisses and hugs.

  11. San Antonio Cicily,
    Things here are not getting better, we had hope that they would do, and we still pray for that.. the troops pulled out for few weeks and then return saying "Mosul still NOT SAFE"
    Thanks my dear , and this war is wrong and its effect is still growing

    Yes, I know Girl ! ;)
    Not you , it's me who mentioned that in my mind , :D

    And for the absent of smiling , as I said here it's a very complicated mixture of feelings i'm going through right now LOL!
    But there was an intention believe me , hhhhh
    Keep in touch and i hope i'll talk to you in the wedding ;)

    Oh, dear ... thanks very much for your visit ...
    God save you sweetie :)

  12. hi violet, i am so glad you put your hint at the bottom of your post..how you all endure this time is beyond my imagination.

    very sorry to hear things are not getting better in mosel. news of iraq has dropped considerably here in the states and i am sure some people would like us just to forget about iraq as if everything is all better and the US troops are some benign presents in the background.

    i have been away myself and traveled to the middle east for the first time. met lots of wonderful people.

    thinking and praying for you. god speed dear one.

  13. Im sorry Violet I am one of the americans who disagrees with this war and I am sorry for everything you have had to go through. You deserve to live in peace as anyone here on earth does but as you know sometimes we have no control over what happens. I have no control to stop it and you have to live in hell everyday! I hope you feel better soon and can find some small happiness in this situation! I can only imagine what you and your family have been through, you must be a strong girl to live with this everyday and still manage school and everthing else!

  14. Annie,
    I'm so glad to see you here again...
    Thanks dear for your continuous wishes and prayers :)

    San Antonio Cicily,
    Oh, dear our tragedy began billion years before my birth ... and i think it'll be with us till death..
    it's like we are damned or something..
    Thanks dear .. I appreciate your comment

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